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Day 11 of 84 Days of 84 Ribbons: Ballet Trivia 0

Day 11 of 84 Days of 84 Ribbons: Ballet Trivia

Test your basic ballet knowledge on these 5 questions. 1.  What is the international language of ballet? 2.  What does ‘turnout’ mean? 3.  What is the purpose of the barre? 4.  What is the term used to describe a ballet enthusiast? 5.  What is a pas de deux? Answers tomorrow.  

Day 10 of 84 Days for 84 Ribbons: Why I Write 0

Day 10 of 84 Days for 84 Ribbons: Why I Write

Have you ever had an itch that needed scratching? No matter what you did to distract yourself, it still itched? That’s how I feel about writing. In fact, that sentiment is inscribed on the cover of my media kit: “Stories come to me like an itch: they refuse to leave until I promise to scratch around for their meaning and write them down.” While some people are compelled to run, compete in sporting events or meet the challenge of the New York Times crossword puzzle, I write. I’ve tried not to write but after a couple of days I need...

Day 9 of 84 Days of Ribbons: Backstory 0

Day 9 of 84 Days of Ribbons: Backstory

In her book, Between The Lines, Jessica Page Morrell says,”Backstory illuminates the origin of behaviors and motives, especially those tied into the main conflict. ( p. 18) I agree. As authors we lay down subtle suggestions and reactions to fill in gaps and lead readers to conclusions. Sometimes it is hard to not share those details. I have two such chapters that wouldn’t stay out of my brain. After I wrote 84 Ribbons, I went back and wrote two backstory pieces to explain two recurring actions by Marta: Jonas: The Day Marta’s World Changed and Steve’s First Ballet. I hope...

Day 8 of 84 Days of 84 Ribbons : The Ribbons 0

Day 8 of 84 Days of 84 Ribbons : The Ribbons

Ribbons. Pointe shoes have two satin ribbons attached to near the ankle bones, one on each side of the shoe. Dancers add their own ribbons. The colors chosen match the color of the pointe shoes. The shoes can be dyed any color needed to match the costume. If a dancer in 2014 were to save her ribbons, she’d have a wide variety of colors in her ribbon box. In Marta’s era those two ribbons were principally pink to match the shoes as they arrived from the manufacturer. Dancers must be careful to not stitch into the drawstring around the top...

Day 6 of 84 Days of 84 Ribbons – Famous Ballerinas 0

Day 6 of 84 Days of 84 Ribbons – Famous Ballerinas

We often remember the lovely ladies in beautiful costumes more than we remember their male counterparts. So, here’s a test:  Name five internationally known or well-known ballerinas who’ve achieved fame. I’ll give you one: Maria Tallchief. That leave four others for you to select. If you send me your list through the Chat, Comment and Connect on my website ( I’ll send you ballet-themed note cards for your efforts. I’ll compile the list in May then share the names of the ballerinas you’ve select. So, send me your top four names. I’ll send out the pack of ballet note cards the...

Blog Share featuring Madame Gilflurt 0

Blog Share featuring Madame Gilflurt

Ballet stories across the centuries share success and tragedy in equal measure. Enjoy the guest post from Madame Gilflurt about Danish dancer, Anine Frølich. Imagine how Anine could have impacted ballet if her career hadn’t ended abruptly. But first, a little about Madame Gilflurt. She writes the entertaining blog ‘A Covent Garden Gilflurt’s Guide to Life, a breathless romp through the long 18th century.’ She shares her home with ‘a rakish colonial, a hound, a feline and several rodents of exquisite character. When she is not setting quill to paper for the Guide she can usually be found gadding about the...

Day 5 of 84 : Famous Male Dancers 0

Day 5 of 84 : Famous Male Dancers

Women get most of the fame. But, a few men stand out as being more than props for lifting and supporting ballerinas. They enter the stage and immediately your attention moves too them. It’s call stage presence for a reason. They move with grace and strength; they defy gravity when they turn, leap and spin to our applause. The top three across the last 120 years are: Vaslav Nijinsky (1890-1950), Rudolf Nureyev (1938-1993) and Mikhail Baryshnikov (1948- present). If you have the chance to view any of their dancing online or in person, you will be amazed at their strength,...

Day 2 of 84: Collapse and Comparison 0

Day 2 of 84: Collapse and Comparison

I didn’t realize how much I’d been doing lately until I took off the day to put my event materials away, find homes for the extra snacks and contact the winners of the drawings. I allowed myself two hours of quiet before I headed out to watch the two Edmonds-Woodway High School chefs that helped me during the Edmonds event perform in their school’s dance team. I was beat from my events but there the two young women were, dancing a number of strenuous routines with so much energy it vibrated of the walls of the gym! Ah, envy for...

Day 1 of 84: a Retrospect 0

Day 1 of 84: a Retrospect

Spring arrived with sunshine and a chance to celebrate 84 Ribbons at one of the best views in the area – the Edmonds Plaza Room situated above the Edmonds Library. Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains and downtown Edmonds rested in front of us as the sun skittered in and out of clouds. Guests at the book event dropped in, signed up for drawings, chatted, ate snacks, purchased books and then headed on to other activities in their busy lives. I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with friends and new faces alike. Thanks for stopping in and thanks for those who...

Day 3 of 84: 2 Events – 15 Winners – 1 Announcement 0

Day 3 of 84: 2 Events – 15 Winners – 1 Announcement

Thank you to all who attended my two book launch parties for 84 Ribbons! I certainly had fun and I hope you learned something new about me or about Marta and her year as a dancer. At Third Place the winners were: Jenn – a copy of 84 Ribbons Michelle- Third Place Books gift card (brain freeze – I forgot who won!)- Honey Bear Bakery gift card Tara – Name a character in a future book Jean-two packs of note cards + a pen   At the Edmonds Plaza Event the winners of the drawings were: Aly- ballet dancer ornaments...