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Tasman Excerpt #2 Newgate 0

Tasman Excerpt #2 Newgate

The following is a glimpse inside the book, Tasman: An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom. Back story: The local constable has hauled Ean into London with no comment as to why. From the novel: As we entered the edge of city the workers extinguished the gas lights, street sweeps and gawkers laughed at me and spit at my feet. Lavender ladies whispered behind their hands as they strolled to their rooms to rest up for tonight’s return to their corners where they stood to entice men to their beds. The jumble shops stood open; their bric-a-brac crowding onto the sidewalks...

Tasman: A View through Pinterest Images 0

Tasman: A View through Pinterest Images

Pinterest is a wealth of information collection by millions of people with a million different interests. Fortunately some pinners have an interest in topics related to elements I address in Tasman-An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom.  Here are a few images I found related to London in the 1850s. I hope you will keep a copy of these and future Pinterest images I post to enhance your reading of Tasman. Newgate Prison housed the worst of the worst criminals sent there for murder, theft and such. It was “a labyrinth of dark cells, subterranean corridors and iron bars as thick...