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Unpublished Snippets from 84 Ribbons – The Pouch of Stones 0

Unpublished Snippets from 84 Ribbons – The Pouch of Stones

When I cleaned out my files, I found several unused story ideas from 84 Ribbons, book one in my ballet trilogy. Here’s one more offering.  The Pouch of Stones Walks by the bay at the end of our long street were always a chance for my dad and me to connect. We’d talk about school, my dancing, his day, our up-coming vacation plans or whatever a young child and her dad had to share. But that ended abruptly when my dad died suddenly from a fall where he worked in the shipyard. After that, the bay became a gray place...

It’s All in Your (My) Head 0

It’s All in Your (My) Head

Each writer is born with a repertory company in his head.   Gore Vidal That feels true to me.  My stories build up in my mind, crowding out everyday thoughts. I think of the mass of characters I’ve invented as real beings. They must be real; they have names, personalities, quirks, and boyfriends as well as moments of joy and disappointment. I talk with friends, including my imaginary characters and come close to sending them birthday cards each year. Then I remember they don’t age; they are perpetually the age I leave them when my books end. Sometimes I wonder what...

Unpublished Snippets from 84 Ribbons -Spam and An Empty Garage 1

Unpublished Snippets from 84 Ribbons -Spam and An Empty Garage

When I cleaned out my files, I found several unused story ideas from 84 Ribbons, book one in my ballet trilogy. Here’s one of them. More to follow this month. Spam and An Empty Garage One of the greatest opportunities in my life came when I was four. I learned to dance. My family didn’t have money for extras, but they found a way to scrape enough together for me to take dance lessons. I think those savings came in the shape of canned Spam which we ate once or twice a week. I hated the clear gooey fat that...

Social Media Adventures 0

Social Media Adventures

Remember Win a $20 VISA card. Write a review of Tasman- An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom. Post it on Amazon, Goodreads, and Facebook and be entered for a random drawing held quarterly in 2018 with the next drawing NEXT week. Details on the door hangers and on www.tasman/

Summer Reads for Women – 2018 1

Summer Reads for Women – 2018 Recently PBS has compiled a list of 100 popular books from readers across the USA. It makes a good starting point for summer reading. With the process of requesting the titles, PBS gives you a chance to vote every day between now and the coming fall for titles you found worth reading. Join in the fun; copy their top 100 and read away! The following are partial lists of mostly new books. You might also want to check the New York Times and other newspaper and magazine book lists. Amazon list Beach House books by Mary Alice Munroe ...

Reader’s Mad Lib 0

Reader’s Mad Lib

Years ago, before kids had personal electronics, they played Mad Libs while riding in cars or waiting at appointments. Here’s a Mad Lib for Readers. Take a whirl and hopefully get a laugh. Number a paper to 8. Write down an appropriate word beside each number. Skim down the page for the Mad Lib short story. Drop in each word at its corresponding number. Enjoy, I hope. Words: an adjective ______________                  5.  another adjective  ______________   a color ___________________                 6. a noun  ______________________   a noun __________________                  7.  a verb  ___________________   an adjective __________________          8.  an adjective  ____________________  ...

Event Reminders 1

Event Reminders

Happy May Day! You now have so many options of what to celebrate: May Day with maypoles and secret flowers to kind neighbors, Hawaii’s Lei Day, Law Day, International Workers Day, and even Mother Goose Day. I also celebrate my birthday. Whatever you celebrate, make your best effort to enjoy the month as we immerse ourselves with spring in full bloom. April 23rd I had the privilege of being interview by Laura Moe on her Young Adult Authors Cafe. She is an exciting teen author (Breakfast with Neruda) as well as a great interviewer. The hour of conversation flew by...

Writer’s Genre Query 0

Writer’s Genre Query

‘They say’ that writing requires equal time. What genres interest you? Do they relate to what you write? How does what you read influence your writing? Send me your answers. If you are considering dipping into other genres include them as well.

Adjectives 1


Writing is a tricky business. Those in the know say adjectives should be used sparingly. The trick is to select the best ones, the adjective phrases that best move the story along. Here are a few from Kristin Hannah books that I feel make excellent use of a few, well-chosen ones to set the mood or introduce settings. Let me know if you agree. ** Pinprick streams of sunlight spilled down through the evergreen ceiling, danced in golden patches on the brown-needled forest floor.  Waiting for the Moon p.58 ** The drizzling February days melted into one another, forming a...

Tasman Updates 0

Tasman Updates

I’m certainly enjoying the chance to share Tasman- An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom. The story began so many years ago and now I’m able to revive those early days of writing and researching as well as hearing feedback about Ean’s story. I’ve created several handouts (with the help of my creative publisher) and will gladly mail you information if you are interested or considering using my book for a book club or group event. I will gladly speak with you and your friends via Skype or attend your book events around the northwest. If I’m traveling to your area,...