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On Being a Groupie 1

On Being a Groupie

I admit it; I’m a groupie! When it comes to writing, I believe every author needs at least one group with whom to share their words and stories. As much as we strive to write our best, our attempts will fall short without the input of others. Sure it can be frustrating to think I’ve done a fantastic job only to discover that much of what I thought I said got stuck in my head and didn’t make it to the page. I have the good fortune to belong to two critique groups and also have writer-readers who give me feedback. I...

A Pat on My Back 0

A Pat on My Back

A recent critique of my pages ranged from hilarious laughter to dead serious flaws. The laughter was easier to take, the flaws hit me to my core, knocking my breath free during their swift pats of bringing me back to the real world. But, because the critiquers sincerely believe in me and my worth as a writer, I can handle both and will learn from their suggestions. (That deep down hope that one day I’ll get a chapter near perfect and that my critique group will shake their heads in admiration isn’t dead yet, but it does experience monthly setbacks.)  ...