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What Colors Rule Your World This Day? 1

What Colors Rule Your World This Day?

Color: the presence of life as seen through different lenses. Each day we select the way we’ll see our world. The following quotes provide different views/moods/images within a story.   The brilliant sun had disappeared, its last flickering rays painting the rim of the sky with liquid crimson, bleeding into saffron and amethyst and the palest lilac before dropping down behind the dim horizon. The Women in His Life by B.T. Bradford p.167   The mist enclosed them, making straight-ahead visibility almost non-existent. Up above was another story; the fog was pinned to the rivers and lagoons, barely higher than...

Word Painting 1

Word Painting

  I love the book Word Painting by Rebecca McClanahan (Writers Digest, 1999). She writes about the power of description, calling it  one of the 3 parts of a story along with exposition and narration. Here are a few of her ideas. “Description is an attempt to present as directly as possible the qualities of a person, place or object.” She goes on to suggest that we work to evoke a visual or other sense as much as we actually share  it. She believes impressions of our senses have power. “A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a scent is worth...