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'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.' — Margaret Mead

Welcome to the home of Paddy Eger's educational website

My site is intended for your use when working with or planning to incorporate community assistants, volunteers, into your schools and classrooms. As a classroom volunteer myself, I realize the value we bring to our schools.

By stepping up and stepping in, we provide extra hands and hearts to help teachers with small groups or 1:1 student support in a variety of subject areas, set up field trips, organize afterschool programs, do clerical tasks and share our expertise. We work before, during and after school helping with elementary school safety, tutoring middle and high schoool students, and assisting coaches and fine arts instructors in support of their education plans.

Look around the site. You will find free downloadables and resources. Take a sneak peak inside my materials: the book, Educating America: 101 Strategies for Adult Assistants in K-8 Classrooms, the assistant reminders in Educating America Desktop Flipbook and the newest tool, a workbook, Educating America Getting Started: A Teacher's Planning Guide for Including Adult Assistants. Together these materials will guide you as you build your volunteer system or as you become a volunteer. I encourage you to sign-up for my blogs, newsletters and updates to help you stay current with the changing face of education.

If I can assist you, your classroom or your school, please contact me through this website. I value what teachers and volunteers do every day. They are experts at creating strong, independent, capable students.

Enjoy being part of building a world class education system!


A Voice for Volunteerism