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'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.' — Margaret Mead


Below are free, full page resources from my Educating America materials. You may download and print these resources an unlimited number of times. Watch for new downloads updated periodically.



Classroom/Group Management


Assistant Information

Student Task Evaluation

Assistant Evaluation Form
for a Small Group

Adult Assistant Inventory

Group Evaluation Form

Student Self-Monitor Checklist


Ways to Focus Your Group

Misbehavior Four-Step Plan

In Depth Lesson Planning Worksheet

Signals and Techniques to
Encourage Student Participation

Exploration Guidelines for
New Materials

HOOKS to Snag Student Interest


Planning for Classroom Assistants

Planning for Adult Assistants

Adult Assistant Task Form (Lesson Plan)

What Can I Do? A Guide to
Helping in the Classroom

How to Lead a Small Group Activity: Checklist

General Information


Small Group Ideas



Educating America Cross Reference  

Student Responsibility in Small Groups


Student Task Evaluation

Adult Assistant Task Form
(Lesson Plan)

Language Arts
Spelling and Vocabulary




Home to School
to Home

Special Spelling Hints


Shift from Subjective to Objective Statements

Questioning Strategies

Develop Thinking Skills


Routines Chart

Educating America Getting Started:
Blank Workbook Downloads


Fiction (& Non-Fiction)
Writing Handouts


Math Games

Educating American Getting Started:
Workbook Fill-In forms 

Take Home Project Classroom Form

Newsletter Downloads
Winter 2016 Newsletter Downloads
Spring 2016 Newsletter Downloads

The enclosed handouts are basic suggestions to enhance your writing and your writing classes. Please contact me directly if you have questions or would like additional ideas/suggestions. (Revisit the fiction writing downloads. Additional ideas will continue to be posted.)

Summer 2016 Newsletter Downloads
Spring 2017 Newsletter Downloads

Writing is Like a 3-Day Loop Hike

Fiction Writing Clues

Very Short Story Outline

If I were...

Write Around the Circle

FRESH Writing Ideas for the End of the Year

Story Genres

Let’s Write!

Word Wizardry

How to Write an Interesting Non Fiction Story

How to Write an Interesting Fiction Story

Fiction Writing Clues

Instead of...

Ways Characters Act

Writing Tools Word Search




Diamond Quest

Heading Home

Name 3


Up and Down Dice Scramble

Two Card Pile Up

Four Minute Check

Math Game Card Scramble

"0" or "50" Math Game

1, 2, 3, 4 Cover Up

100 or BUSTED!

Math Sandwiches