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Math Games

Paddy created a variety of math games in her years as a teacher. All of the games are designed to take less than 15 minutes and they use basic materials such playing cards and dice. Everything you need is provided in the download. You can now download these FREE resources below.

NEW - Scavenger Hunts! - A Great Summer Math Game

Math Scavenger Hunt Grades k-2

Math Scavenger Hunt Grades 3-5

Math Games

Zig Zag

20 < --- > 0

Odd Bunch Games

4 Corners

Line Up 4

Keep it 10

Tic Tac Block

Pyramid of Diamonds

Diamond Quest

Heading Home

Name 3


Up and Down Dice Scramble

Two Card Pile Up

Four Minute Check

Math Game Card Scramble

"0" or "50" Math Game

1, 2, 3, 4 Cover Up

100 or BUSTED!

Math Sandwiches