Letters to Follow - What Readers are Saying

Gretchen Houser from Amazon:

“Letters to Follow” starring Lynne Meadows, is the last in Paddy Eger’s ballet trilogy and will appeal to dance lovers and to anyone who likes a good story well told. The narrative flow has to do with life itself with all its expectations and disappointments. Although her family is dismissive of her dancing dreams, Lynne hopes they will reconsider after she’s invited by her beloved Intermountain Ballet in Billings, Montana to join a ballet troupe touring across France. But her family disappoints her once again, expecting her to give up all this dancing nonsense, and return home to work for the family business.

And so, Lynne sets off on her journey with a determined heart, alone and with little support, except extravagant promises from her eccentric and selfish Uncle Leo, which never quite come true.

We watch as Lynne meets Cheryl, the passionate and dedicated dance director in Paris, who teaches her more than just dance routines. And speaking of Paris, the author describes it well: “Crush of strangers. Long shafts of light peeked around the tall buildings warming the sidewalk. Paris was awake!”
Working side by side with the other dancers, fully developed by Ms. Eger, Lynne comes to understand what it truly means to live an artistic life with all its sacrifices and rewards.

But wait! Letters to Follow also features a gypsy caravan and a fortuneteller, which later, causes Lynne to wonder how much of what is prophesized about one’s life becomes true. And had her own actions determined her future?

And ah, my dears. What is a book about dance without love in bloom? Namely, with a local rancher named Noel Elijah. Noel is the prefect gentleman and is just the medicine Lynne needs as she discovers he is all the family she needs. The story will break your heart and mend it at the same time

Karin Whittard From Netgalley:

Thank you to Netgalley, publishers and Paddy Eger for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review.

So sorry that this took me a little while for me to write a review about. I wanted to read the other book in the series to appreciate this book.

I need to just stop a second and say that I really enjoyed this series. This book is a great finale to the series and will leave readers feeling extremely happy.

I was first attracted to this book because of the title and the picture on the front of the book. Beautiful Paris, old fashioned letters which I absolutely adore and then I read the back and I knew this book was for me.

I am a dancer and have been dancing since the age of 2. 28 years to be exact.

I love all the dance scenes in this book the music scores and the characters. The story had been really good and consistent throughout.

I absolutely loved the fact that this book was set in the 1950's I was transported to the streets of Paris and with the beautiful descriptions and could imagine myself up on the stage performing with the characters.

I really love the difference in writing styles with all the letters and postcards. This is one of my favourite things in books and if they do them I always find the book a little bit more special.

I would like to thank you for letting me read your book. I really have enjoyed this series. If you like stories set in bigone era with lovely settings great characters, love friendship and most of all dance then this book is for you.

Happy reading everyone - Karin Whittard

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