Looking Back, Looking Forward

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5 Responses

  1. Behind the Story says:

    Updating your office space has been an occasion for many thoughts and memories. I’m glad they were pleasant ones.

    • Paddy says:

      If you saw my pile of undecided items you might think otherwise, but it’s settling down to a handful of decisions that keep me engaged in letting go of past adventures and memories so I am making progress. Just check my recycle bin!

  2. Gretchen Houser says:

    I’ve traveled to distant places as well – London and Paris – but mostly via books. I’m currently reading Greek to Me by Mary Norris (aka The New Yorker’s Comma Queen). This buoyant book is about the Greek language, true love and the wine-dark sea. I’m enjoying the journey very much indeed and am glad to know you’ve returned from your own travels buoyed and ready to boogie! Happy Birthday, Paddy!

  3. Paddy says:

    After sorting and carrying away the unneeded,unwanted and unremembered items it’s the memories that are evoked by the items I ponder and briefly relive the connections that lets me let them go.

  4. Nancy Jenkins says:

    Loved looking back on all your favorite quotes. Wonderful arrangements of letters, words and sentences that curl together in thoughts most provoking. .

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