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Letter Writing Follow-up 1

Letter Writing Follow-up

In January I wrote about¬† the lost art of letter writing. Since then I’ve received FIVE unexpected letters. Four arrived together as compact 4×6 note cards, one as a full, typed page. All represent the first letters I’d received in a long time (especially since only a handful of friends write holiday letters anymore.). Let me share the essence of their content. My “biggest fan” letter arrived from Canada via Arizona. A young dancer wrote to me telling me how much she enjoyed 84 Ribbons and that she identified with Marta, the main character in the book. Talk about being...

The Fading Art of Letter Writing 2

The Fading Art of Letter Writing

How many letters do you receive a year? One? Five? Ten?  Do you remember that people used to sit down and write letters to each other? My favorite were love letters and Christmas letters. Both warmed my heart and made me feel special;. Just the finding of them in my mailbox gave me a happy feeling, much more than an email or a text message. Ah, could be my old school thinking rearing its head again, but a handwritten letter was special. The person sat down, selected the paper they wanted you to read from and wrote, usually in longhand....