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Tasman Excerpt: On the Ship 0

Tasman Excerpt: On the Ship

Backstory: Ean has been falsely accused of stealing from his sweetheart’s employer, Lord and Lady Colridge. After several days in London’s Newgate Gaol, he’s removed by a constable. He thinks he’s to be freed. We walked along narrow, twisting streets. The smell of wood and tar mingled with that of stale beer and rotting vegetables. A sea of barefoot men dressed in rough jackets and canvas breeches steered past, hauling boxes and crates on their rickety carts. The constable yanked my tether and used the loose end of the rope to whip my back and head. He smiled as the...

Tasman Excerpt #2 Newgate 0

Tasman Excerpt #2 Newgate

The following is a glimpse inside the book, Tasman: An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom. Back story: The local constable has hauled Ean into London with no comment as to why. From the novel: As we entered the edge of city the workers extinguished the gas lights, street sweeps and gawkers laughed at me and spit at my feet. Lavender ladies whispered behind their hands as they strolled to their rooms to rest up for tonight’s return to their corners where they stood to entice men to their beds. The jumble shops stood open; their bric-a-brac crowding onto the sidewalks...