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Letters to Follow—A Dancer's Adventure

Lynne's Adventures through Letters and Cards
Marta's best friend Lynne begins a grand adventure when she travels to Paris on a dance exchange. Her move to a wacky boarding house is not a good fit for an outspoken American dancer but it creates humorous encounters with the tenants. At the end of the exchange, Lynne becomes the travel companion for her harebrained Uncle Leo. She sends postcards and letters to Marta to retell her mapcap adventures. Learn more or Look Inside the Book
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When the Music Stops—Dance On

Marta's life: Part Two. Marta struggles to regain her ability to dance. As she finds a job to support herself, her dance and her personal life take several unexpected and harrowing turns. Will she be able to find a deeper well of strength to meet these new challenges head-on?
Learn more about what the future holds for Marta or Look inside the book



84 Ribbons—A Dancer's Journey

A Debut Novel by award-winning author Paddy Eger

A young dancer's realizes her life long dream, if only for a while.

Seventeen-year-old Marta Selbryth steps into  womanhood and onto center stage. We feel the music swell and the moment arrive—for Marta, and ballerinas everywhere. As Marta realizes her dream, life’s challenges off stage are not at all what she anticipated. We walk beside her as she approaches each twist and turn in her new life. A compelling coming-of-age novel, this look inside the world of ballet offers both inspiration and heartbreak. Read more or Look inside the book.

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Educating America Getting Started:
A Teacher’s Planning Guide for Including Adult Assistants

As a teacher, you work long hours reading curriculum and studying and creating materials to help your students grow and learn.

School districts, states and national standards require educators to accomodate a wide variety of skill levels in students. These mandates increase your workload. It's time we move beyond asking parents to bring cookies to parties and inviting community members to attend school concerts and events. It's time to use parents as resources to help our classrooms. It's time to engage the greater community in educating our country's students.

This workbook is designed to help focus your thinking before you put out the call for classroom assistants. It stands alone but also supplements and expands on the information provided in the award-winning book, Educating America: 101 Strategies for Adult Assistants in K-8 Classrooms.

  • Practical techniques show you how to build a team of volunteers that function effectively and produce results.
  • Clear text and sample forms cover every aspect of volunteer management.
  • Simple checklists enable you to be fully prepared for volunteers through out the school year.
  • Accessible charts and forms help you explore different options for each volunteer and provideuseful examples.

Educating America Desktop Flipbook
A companion resource to the Award-winning book
Educating America

Working in classrooms is an important job.

As a flexible rover, working 1:1, or managing a small group, these tips will help you become effective and confident in the classroom.

Tasks are listed in chronological order. The "flip" sides, face your students and provide them encouraging reminders. Learn more...

Educating America
101 Strategies for Adult Assistants in K-8 Classrooms

From kindergarten to high school graduation is a scant twelve years. We often forget how short and how very important these years are and that every American's future is effected by the education of our youth.

Parent and community participation in the classroom is integral to supporting the next generation of adults to become creative, thoughtful, independent life-long learners and critical thinkers, problem solvers. Learn more...

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Educating America Student Reminders

Student Reminder Sheets

Classrooms are busy places, especially when small groups are in use. The enclosed sheets share reminders of your expectations for students. If used in sequential order, they follow a group's process: listening, talking, working, participating, staying on task.

These reminders may be used with the Educating America Desktop Flipbook or alone. Laminating each sheet will increase its life. After each sheet is discussed, it may be hung up in the classroom for future reference.

Education > Parent Participation
20 Pages, Digital Download

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Sonnets For Ambrosia
by Herman A. W. Young

A century ago, my grandfather wrote these sonnets and poems to his wife, Anna. Now they are available to be read and shared with by you and your loved ones. Contact Paddy to order your copy at


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In 1850, Irish lad, Ean McClaud, steps off the ship, his legs in shackles. Falsely convicted, he steps into serving his sentence in Tasmania's Port Arthur penal colony. Follow Ean's adventures as he not only seeks to survive but to escape!