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By the time I left grade school. I was interested in poetry. I wrote lots of sing-song verses, then turned to more abstract writing as I entered junior high and high school. As an adult, I was fortunate to have taken a poetry class from Joan Swift, a Washington state poet who inspired me to keep writing. Now I have about 150 poems at various stages of completeness. Here’s one short selection. Enjoy!   Summer Kaleidoscopes Sun catchers and wind chimes, Polarized light on Hood Canal, Swaying bird feeders, Pebbles in water, Purple clouds at dusk, Horse mane waves breaking...

GUEST POST from Mindy Halleck 2

GUEST POST from Mindy Halleck

  (Since I made a boo-boo with the links, I’m resending this guest blog. Apologizes for my brain lapse. Enjoy Mindy refreshed!) Mindy is an enthusiastic, creative person who writes across a variety of genres! Today I have the opportunity to share her thoughts with you. I know you will enjoy her ideas. I hope you will become an online follower as well as a reader of her work. PEger Do You Want To a Better Writer? Read Poetry ~ by Mindy Halleck My husband woke up this morning to the sound of my crying. He turned over and saw...

Found Poetry – Fun for Everyone 0

Found Poetry – Fun for Everyone

I want to share this notion with you because it only take a few minutes and it creates amazing results.   O.K. so what is ‘found poetry’? A friend who loves words, writing and reading brought this to my attention. As I understand it, you need a book of your choosing, paper and a pen or pencil. Now comes the fun: open the book to any page and touch a sentence at random. Write it down. Now repeat this action two more times. You will end up with a strangely clever poem. Consider taking more lines from various sections of...