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GUEST POST from Mindy Halleck 2

GUEST POST from Mindy Halleck

  (Since I made a boo-boo with the links, I’m resending this guest blog. Apologizes for my brain lapse. Enjoy Mindy refreshed!) Mindy is an enthusiastic, creative person who writes across a variety of genres! Today I have the opportunity to share her thoughts with you. I know you will enjoy her ideas. I hope you will become an online follower as well as a reader of her work. PEger Do You Want To a Better Writer? Read Poetry ~ by Mindy Halleck My husband woke up this morning to the sound of my crying. He turned over and saw...

Found Poetry – Fun for Everyone 0

Found Poetry – Fun for Everyone

I want to share this notion with you because it only take a few minutes and it creates amazing results.   O.K. so what is ‘found poetry’? A friend who loves words, writing and reading brought this to my attention. As I understand it, you need a book of your choosing, paper and a pen or pencil. Now comes the fun: open the book to any page and touch a sentence at random. Write it down. Now repeat this action two more times. You will end up with a strangely clever poem. Consider taking more lines from various sections of...