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Great American Read 0

Great American Read

I hope you are enjoying the PBS Great American Read. It’s fun to head over there and vote every day. I seem to vary my selections based on my mood of the day, but I always enjoy being part of a gigantic survey that references books across a wide spectrum, many I’ll probably never read. But I’ve been introduced to them so who knows. The chance to learn about the books and authors that made the top 100 list has been fun. NOTE: The survey ends on October 23 so hurry over and cast your votes on pbs/greatamericanread.comĀ  Locally programs...

The Great American Read 1

The Great American Read

I hope you are participating in the PBS balloting for America’s favorite books. It’s free! They have assembled 100 popular books from across the world of literature for you to think about and vote for your favorites. In Mid-October they will announce the book with the single most votes. The range of books is immense: Pilgrim’s Progress to 50 Shades of Gray; from Charlotte’s Web to Catch 22. You are encouraged to vote for as many books as you wish every day until the event ends. I’ve followed it since a PBS program introduced each book in June. That program...