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Literature in a Bag

Looking for a fun activity to share with kids, maybe an entire classroom? Look no further. Here’s a great way to support reading which will, in the long run, support student writing since books develop vocabulary and expand student interests. Make literature bags for school with prekindergarten or Kindergarten through grad 3 classrooms. Please make a class set of 30 so all students in an individual classroom will receive a bag. (30 will be ample and provide replacement bags as needed during the year.) PLASTIC BAGS Purchase gallon-sized plastic freezer bags with sturdy zip-lock slides. Leave plain or send to...

Writing with Kids – Scolding Adult Authors 1

Writing with Kids – Scolding Adult Authors

I have the distinct privilege of working with third and fourth grade writers in two local school Working with kids writing using their creativity keeps my writing fresh. Their imaginations go to places we’ve long forgotten to explore. Watching them plan out their stories, watching them smile when they find a funny/curious/outlandish idea and watching them put their ideas down is a highlight of each week. My goal is to encourage them to add details, write complete thoughts and find endings that ‘close’ their stories. It only takes them a few minutes to grasp the idea of ending rather than...