Enjoy the adventures with Anna Makeninsky! She’s a bouncy young girl everyone calls Anna Mak. Her funny misunderstandings and curiosity lead to problems for her to handle her way.

✩ She suggests an activity at the end of every story. (You can even send your ideas to her friend, the author, to share on her website!)

✩ Follow Anna as she tries to make sense of her world. Read alone, read aloud or read with an adult.

✩ Reading level: Ages 6-10

The Five Book Series Overview

In book one, Anna introduces you to her family and her neighborhood.

✩ She meets the new neighbor whose house may or may not be
✩ She starts kin-dee garden and is excited about the garden.
✩ She shares her versions of school activities.
✩ She enjoys a no-school snow day.
✩ She takes dance lessons and creates her own tap shoes.

In book 2 it’s summer. This means it’s time for new adventures around
her neighborhood and away from home. Follow Anna as she…

✩ Celebrates her sixth birthday
✩ Goes to day camp ‘cuz she promised to go
✩ Takes swim lessons and worries about the sharks
✩ Sells lemonade on a hot day
✩ Gets lost at the fair
✩ Goes on bay-cation

In book 3 Anna starts ‘Real School’. She’s ready for new adventures
at school and around her neighborhood.

✩ She worries about learning how to read.
✩ She gets excited about becoming a class helper and going to the
school library.
✩ She enjoys two special celebrations with neighborhood friends.
✩ She deals with getting glasses.
✩ The family gets a puppy.
✩ She tries playing soccer.

In book four, Anna shares new summer adventures.

✩ She tries T-ball.
✩ She goes to a bike safety rodeo and has a big problem.
✩ She has problems with pets and paper clips.
✩ She tries art class, sleepovers, and sleep over camp.
✩ She meets her new neighbors.
✩ She joins in a talent show.

In book four, in second grade, Anna has a variety of adventures:

✩ She makes new friends and even helps a bully.
✩ She joins Hands Helping Hands and starts doing jobs at home.
✩ She stays home from school when she gets sick.
✩ She works hard to become a better reader.
✩ She learns about butterflies and field day.
✩ She makes a game with her friends and family.