☆☆ Jokes and Riddles ☆☆

Read these. OR… Send your ideas here.

What has a face and hands but no arms of legs? (a clock)

What kind of music do rabbits listen to? (hip HOP)

How do bees get to school? (on a buZZ)

What black and white, black and white, and black and white?
(a zebra or a penquin stuck in revolving door)

☆☆☆ The Results are in!

The third grader class, my pen pals, read book 1.
They sent me their evaluations.
I’ve shown one star (*) for each comment I received.

They  say…  “ Anna Mak is _______________”

Silly, Goofy, or Cuckoo or Bananas *******

Kind **

Shy *

Fast and Jumpy **

Likeable **

Happy *

Interesting to read ***

Has crazy ideas ***

Does things her own way (sometimes she’s wrong or makes mistakes) *

Pronounces words her own way ****

Acts funny ***********

Adventurous ***A Good or Nice Person **

Cute *Creative **

Entertaining *

Exciting to read *

Gets confused about things *

Should stay the way she is !*

Anna LOVES math.

Here’s a book of 98 games your family might enjoy.

Now it’s your turn!

  1. Read Book any Anna Mak adventure book in the 5-part series. Let me know how you will finish the sentence…

Anna Mak is ___________________________.


2. Let me know which words on the above list you agree with.

3. I will add your comments by adding new stars and/or words you send to me. 

☆☆ A Special Shout Out to my third grade penpals in Washington state. ☆☆

Thank you for writing to me and sending these drawings with your letters. EVERYONE is invited to also send me your drawings about Anna Mak. I’ll add them in this Extras page.