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Tasman Excerpt #2 Newgate 0

Tasman Excerpt #2 Newgate

The following is a glimpse inside the book, Tasman: An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom. Back story: The local constable has hauled Ean into London with no comment as to why. From the novel: As we entered the edge of city the workers extinguished the gas lights, street sweeps and gawkers laughed at me and spit at my feet. Lavender ladies whispered behind their hands as they strolled to their rooms to rest up for tonight’s return to their corners where they stood to entice men to their beds. The jumble shops stood open; their bric-a-brac crowding onto the sidewalks...

Tasman: A View through Pinterest Images 0

Tasman: A View through Pinterest Images

Pinterest is a wealth of information collection by millions of people with a million different interests. Fortunately some pinners have an interest in topics related to elements I address in Tasman-An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom.  Here are a few images I found related to London in the 1850s. I hope you will keep a copy of these and future Pinterest images I post to enhance your reading of Tasman. Newgate Prison housed the worst of the worst criminals sent there for murder, theft and such. It was “a labyrinth of dark cells, subterranean corridors and iron bars as thick...

Ways to Support Authors 0

Ways to Support Authors

As I became an author, I realized several ways people supported me beyond reading my books. I also realized that I needed to step-up my interactions and involvement with fellow authors. Here’s a few ideas I’ve come to believe are important way all of us can support authors. Give the books to friends as gifts. Ask the author for a signature card to add to the book if you cannot purchase a signed copy. Most authors will gladly personalize a stick-on and send it to you. Thank the author by writing a review that describes what you enjoyed in the...

Books I Wish Existed 0

Books I Wish Existed

Ever made a list of books you wish existed or don’t know if they exist? I have a short list. Books about the local native culture from the eyes of young native children. Books about current day teachers and how they inspire others to be better role models. Books about mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. (they must have a redeeming use in the world!) Books for adults to answer strange questions like why do bananas have 3 sections. This is unusual for me because I usually read fiction. What’s on your wish list for unfound or non-existent books?? How might a...

Facts in Fiction 0

Facts in Fiction

Grounding fiction with pertinent facts makes the story more beievable. To that end a writer needs to select facts that feel like they belong in the story. There must be a reason for their inclusion, a purpose that moves the story along. Examples: In the ballet trilogy (84 Ribbons, When the Music Stops: Dance On, and Letters to Follow: A Dancer’s Adventure) I used facts: real streets in real towns, real layouts of homes, real ballet music, and real scenery you’d see if you visited the places I had Marta and Lynne visited. I especially enjoyed my visits to The...


Saying Good-bye to Ballet (for now)

As I say my blog good-bye to ballet-influenced stories are articles, I want to leave you with one last reflection on dance: Ballet is an intense pursuit. Ballet dancers are truly athletes. They:  * train daily from morning until afternoon from age 12 until they retire. * perform before audiences three to four times a week during their 9-10 month season. * seldom have more than two weeks off at a time during the year. * maintain their bodies through eating protein-filled snacks and meals. * learn precise body placement movements as well as choreography. Professionals dedicate their lives to...


Quotes Leaving Paris

(Paris) The city is a testament to civilization….It makes tourists of all of us. It anchors your heart to a place. Just like Sydney Harbor, the wonderful sights of Paris inspire emotion. Almost French by Sarah Turnbull   We stayed up late one night, watching snow fall over the city in frosty chunks, covering tree branches, spreading over the garden in a marzipan sheet. It’s Not Love, It’s Just Paris by Patricia Engel   As he neared the Place de le Concorde, he thought of the Concorde-the SST. He wished it would fly over, a happy coincidence, tying history in...


Writing Genres

Fiction writers have many genres to pick from when they sit down: mystery, romance, science fiction, medical/police/legal procedurals, horror, western, historical,  comedy, adventure, fantasy, political thriller and more. New genres and sub-genres crop up every year as writers stretch their writing brains. My favorites are historical fiction, cozy mysteries (a sub-genre of mysteries), medical-police-legal procedurals, and women’s fiction. I enjoy having a host of characters to get to know and follow as they work through their problems or situations. I’ll leave the high adventure and new world making stories for my husband. I’m moving my writing away from pointe shoes,...


Found Poetry

I found this excellent resources for describing found poetry at Here’s what was shared: Found Poem Instructions Find a couple random paragraph from a newspaper, magazine, book, etc. The selection should contain 100-200 words. You can also try recipe instructions, legal notices, and horoscopes. Read through your selection. Highlight or underline words, lines, etc that seem promising to you. Use what you selected to write a poem. You may add your own words, but no more than 50% of final poem may include new words. Your poem may be of any length, but it must focus on a single...


Favorite Books on Writing and for Recreational Reading

Some books about the craft of writing are timeless in their content: English Through the Ages by William Brohaugh The Emotions Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi Word Painting by Rebecca McClanahan Between the Lines by Jessica Morrell **My newly-read favorite authors include: Nina George Anna Rivers Siddons **My short list of continuing favorite authors for recreational reading includes: Amy Yurk Sue Henry Jamie Ford **Local (Edmonds area) authors that create great stories include: Mindy Halleck Judith Works Denise Frisino **For specific titles by these authors consult your local bookshop or peruse online book companies