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Good Bye! 1

Good Bye!

Over the last few years I have written hundreds of blog entries in hope of supporting your interest in writing. I’ve decided to end my blogs but hope you will look back and read my past articles and find ideas relevant to your writing. Thanks for your support. Contact me through my website: or call me at 425-420-5161 if you have questions or if I can support you as you move forward with your writing. Keep those pens busy! The world needs your thoughts and stories.

Book Event at Neverending Bookstore 1

Book Event at Neverending Bookstore

Join me on Saturday, November 17th at the newest bookshop in the Edmonds-Lynnwood area, The Neverending Bookshop. Join me from 2-3 as I talk about my ballet trilogy and answer your questions. You can also: Meet and Welcome Annie Carl, the owner (a delightful young woman who’s loved books and bookstores since she was a child). Browse her new space. It’s twice the size of her former shop in Bothell. Checkout her ever-increasing supply of new and used books. Sit and relax as you ponder your purchases. Peek inside her Children’s den. Follow her on social media. Contact her online...

Unpublished Snippets from 84 Ribbons – The Pouch of Stones 0

Unpublished Snippets from 84 Ribbons – The Pouch of Stones

When I cleaned out my files, I found several unused story ideas from 84 Ribbons, book one in my ballet trilogy. Here’s one more offering.  The Pouch of Stones Walks by the bay at the end of our long street were always a chance for my dad and me to connect. We’d talk about school, my dancing, his day, our up-coming vacation plans or whatever a young child and her dad had to share. But that ended abruptly when my dad died suddenly from a fall where he worked in the shipyard. After that, the bay became a gray place...

Unpublished Snippets from 84 Ribbons -Spam and An Empty Garage 1

Unpublished Snippets from 84 Ribbons -Spam and An Empty Garage

When I cleaned out my files, I found several unused story ideas from 84 Ribbons, book one in my ballet trilogy. Here’s one of them. More to follow this month. Spam and An Empty Garage One of the greatest opportunities in my life came when I was four. I learned to dance. My family didn’t have money for extras, but they found a way to scrape enough together for me to take dance lessons. I think those savings came in the shape of canned Spam which we ate once or twice a week. I hated the clear gooey fat that...

Valentine’s Day is Coming! 0

Valentine’s Day is Coming!

Looking for something to give that someone special in your life? Consider purchasing my books from my website now through February 21st*.               ALL will include free shipping within the U.S. My ballet trilogy is perfect for that someone who loves the arts. If you purchase the three book set, I’ll personalize the books and send along the wrappings and a ballet-themed ornament as well as a set of ballet note cards. All you’ll need to do is buy a card!  (Individual books are also available.) For the adventure-minded sweetie in your life, consider Tasman. I’ll personalize the book as...

Order Books for Holiday and New Year Giving 0

Order Books for Holiday and New Year Giving

Time to start thinking about the readers on your holiday giving list. Here’s a sale for you and your friends! Order copies of TASMAN, my newest historical fiction, my ballet-themed trilogy, and/or Educating America materials between today, Dec.5th  and December 16th. You’ll receive a 20% book discount and free priority shipping (within the U.S.A.) valued at $10 per novel or up to $6 per educational book. Click the links above to order! When you order the entire trilogy, you’ll receive special wrapping materials and a set of ballet-themed note cards at no additional change. That’s an additional $4 discount per...

Tools for (Personal) and other Writing 0

Tools for (Personal) and other Writing

Whether you’re writing letters to friends, creating a remembrance book, or writing a longer work, you need certain tools nearby to enable your process. Consider these ideas: 1.Start with a notebook and pen or pencil. Handwritten ideas come from a different place in the brain than ideas composed on a computer. Consider writing your thoughts long-hand first. Then transpose them onto the card, journal. or computer for your finished piece. I think you’ll find the exercise enlightening. 2. Gather your resources: a thesaurus, dictionary and one of my favorites, The Synonym Dictionary by J.I Rodale (Rodale Press). That way you...


Saying Good-bye to Ballet (for now)

As I say my blog good-bye to ballet-influenced stories are articles, I want to leave you with one last reflection on dance: Ballet is an intense pursuit. Ballet dancers are truly athletes. They:  * train daily from morning until afternoon from age 12 until they retire. * perform before audiences three to four times a week during their 9-10 month season. * seldom have more than two weeks off at a time during the year. * maintain their bodies through eating protein-filled snacks and meals. * learn precise body placement movements as well as choreography. Professionals dedicate their lives to...

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Last Thursday I enjoy the opportunity to speak with some of you about the ballet trilogy and Letters to Follow- Dancer’s Adventure in particular. It was a lovely PNW sunny day (rare for early June) and the University Bookstore at Mill Creek provided a comfy corner. I wanted to thank all who made the trek and those who wished me a good event. I enjoyed myself and I hope my guests did as well. It became ‘old home week’ since I had time to talk with people I hadn’t seen for ages. I loved having our connections reconnected. I encourage...