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Book Event at Neverending Bookstore 1

Book Event at Neverending Bookstore

Join me on Saturday, November 17th at the newest bookshop in the Edmonds-Lynnwood area, The Neverending Bookshop. Join me from 2-3 as I talk about my ballet trilogy and answer your questions. You can also: Meet and Welcome Annie Carl, the owner (a delightful young woman who’s loved books and bookstores since she was a child). Browse her new space. It’s twice the size of her former shop in Bothell. Checkout her ever-increasing supply of new and used books. Sit and relax as you ponder your purchases. Peek inside her Children’s den. Follow her on social media. Contact her online...

The Great American Read – Do You Agree with the Results??? 0

The Great American Read – Do You Agree with the Results???

For those of you who voted day after day and watch the series programs, are you excited about the final results? Personally I am. Here are a few facts shared during the final program that caught my interest: 4 million people cast votes across the search 50,000 joined the Great American Book Club 350,000 of the top 100 books will be distributed through the nation’s PBS stations to students several books took control of their final ranking within the last few days of the event several books were within 24-103 votes of nearby competitors throughout the event 9 high school...

Great American Read 0

Great American Read

I hope you are enjoying the PBS Great American Read. It’s fun to head over there and vote every day. I seem to vary my selections based on my mood of the day, but I always enjoy being part of a gigantic survey that references books across a wide spectrum, many I’ll probably never read. But I’ve been introduced to them so who knows. The chance to learn about the books and authors that made the top 100 list has been fun. NOTE: The survey ends on October 23 so hurry over and cast your votes on pbs/greatamericanread.comĀ  Locally programs...

Book Event #2 0

Book Event #2

Tis the season for sharing books. Join me at the Puyallup Festival of Books, Saturday, Oct. 6th from 1-4 PM at the Puyallup Public Library, located at 324 S. Meridian, Puyallup, WA 98371 (253-841-5454). I’ll have all my books available, plus free sample note cards and materials. I look forward to having the chance to visit with you.

Conversation with a Peach 1

Conversation with a Peach

This time of year fruit is abundant. Fresh fruit brightens the grocery stores, nearby fields, and our backyards.Their scents fill the air with a faint lusciousness. My husband recently harvested peaches. One of the joys of eating those peaches is stopping to admire how lovely they are: the color, their shape, the way the attached leaves bend to show-off the beauty of the fruit. Next comes the smell: sweet, warm like sunshine, almost fuzzy like the first touch. I do talk to them. How can I not when I know the first bit through the skin will make me sigh...

Event Reminders 1

Event Reminders

Happy May Day! You now have so many options of what to celebrate: May Day with maypoles and secret flowers to kind neighbors, Hawaii’s Lei Day, Law Day, International Workers Day, and even Mother Goose Day. I also celebrate my birthday. Whatever you celebrate, make your best effort to enjoy the month as we immerse ourselves with spring in full bloom. April 23rd I had the privilege of being interview by Laura Moe on her Young Adult Authors Cafe. She is an exciting teen author (Breakfast with Neruda) as well as a great interviewer. The hour of conversation flew by...

My Book Launch 2

My Book Launch

A book launch is always a great opportunity to meet with old and new reading friends who might enjoy Tasman-An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom. The kindness of Mary Kay, David, Michelle and the others at the Edmonds Bookshop to open their doors to authors is heartening. Coupled with the Third Thursday evening during the Edmonds Art Event, it was a chance to introduce myself and my books to a wide variety of people. Thanks one and all who stopped in to visit and stayed to play my game,Prisoner’s Fate! A few guests were safe and returned to their homes;...

Tasman Game – A Prisoner’s Fate 0

Tasman Game – A Prisoner’s Fate

I love to create games. I made dozens when I taught school and I continue to make math games for my Educating America blog and as free online teacher resources (links here). Since Tasman is a different kind of story, I decided to create a game to use with guests at my book events. It’s easy. Roll a die. Even numbers select from one set of cards; odd numbers select from another. Some make a quick journey through London and maybe the court system of 1850; others will make the long journey from London to Port Arthur and learn their...

Tasman Event and Contact Reminder 0

Tasman Event and Contact Reminder

I’m beginning my local book events for Tasman this month. Here’s my list so far: ** Edmonds Bookshop, Thursday, March 15 from drop-in between 5-8 PM ** Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Thursday, May 10 from 7-8 PM ** University Book Store in Towne Center, Friday, May 18 from 6-7 Also: If you have a book club or organization that would like me to speak, please do not hesitate to contact me (425-420-5161). I enjoy talking about writing, my books, and my upcoming projects. I can meet with local groups in person and with others via Skype....