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Tasman Excerpt #1

This is the beginning of page one of Tasman: An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom. Wham! Strong arms yanked me from my cot and dragged me to standing. My eyes popped open. I shook my head to get my wits about me and tried to twist myself free. The Langsgtone constable pulled my arms behind my back, tied them with a rope, and shoved me roughly out the door of the print shop Fear clutched like a raven claw. “What’s happening? Where are you taking me? I’ve done nothing wrong!” “Silence!” The constable whacked my head as he forced me...


Saying Good-bye to Ballet (for now)

As I say my blog good-bye to ballet-influenced stories are articles, I want to leave you with one last reflection on dance: Ballet is an intense pursuit. Ballet dancers are truly athletes. They:  * train daily from morning until afternoon from age 12 until they retire. * perform before audiences three to four times a week during their 9-10 month season. * seldom have more than two weeks off at a time during the year. * maintain their bodies through eating protein-filled snacks and meals. * learn precise body placement movements as well as choreography. Professionals dedicate their lives to...



I’m currently changing writing gears. While I enjoyed writing the ballet-themed trilogy, I have had a story gnawing at me for several years. It all started with a trip to Australia. Our foursome of travelers decided to visit the island of Tasmania. We flew across Bass Strait and stepped back in time to the Pacific Northwest in the early 50s. Life on the island was a slower pace than Melbourne and Sydney, even more laid back than Adelaide. The west side was still wild and remote; the east side filled with small towns and lovely beaches. On the southern end,...