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Book Trailer for for Ballet Trilogy and Interview with Videographer Emily Hill 0

Book Trailer for for Ballet Trilogy and Interview with Videographer Emily Hill

Book Trailers are one way authors introduce readers to their books. My dear friend, Emily Hill created a lovely book trailer for my ballet-themed books: 84 Ribbons, When the Music Stops – Dance On, and Letters to Follow – A Dancer’s Adventure. She took my ideas and massaged them into this lovely tribute to ballet. After watching her work, I decided my blog followers might enjoy a peek behind the scenes of how she organized the trailer. Here’s her brief interview. Your book, The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter had an amazing book trailer. When and how did you get started making...

What Do Author’s Do After They Finish a Book? 0

What Do Author’s Do After They Finish a Book?

While I wait for my recently completed books to arrive, I often take a writing break and work on tasks I’ve let go while I was focused on my deadline. Things like: I wander around, wondering what to do with myself without pages to edit. I clean closets and drawers and sort through the papers and books that I may or may not need now that the book is completed. I enjoy lunch with my friends, make overdue phone calls, and scout out belated-and-need-to-be-mailed birthday gifts. I wonder what’s missing from my days. (It’s writing!) I start a new writing...

Practice Makes Perfect (revisiting a earlier post) 0

Practice Makes Perfect (revisiting a earlier post)

When I wrote this in early 2010, these were my favorite books for writers. Since they remain the same, I’m sharing the post again. Enjoy! I am not one for practicing random writing. Occasionally it does seem like the only way I can get words to paper, but, most of the time, I write within a story that plays into a novel-length work. When I do practice for practice sake, I have two favorite books. Word Painting: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively by Rebecca McClanahan suggests exercises that allow me to use my own writing. My favorites include keeping...

Letters to Follow – unused setting pages 2

Letters to Follow – unused setting pages

Writing a novel often forces you to leave out bits and pieces. In the case of Letters to Follow-A Dancer’s Adventure, the book is written for young adults (and the young at heart). Teens today want action rather than descriptions. I love descriptions and sensory details. So, when I get “carried away,” I save those bits and hope to use them elsewhere. This is one such elsewhere place! Nazaré, Portugal: a scene   The warm sand slid between her toes as she walked toward the waves. If she closed her eyes, she needed to listen hard to hear the water’s...

Checklist for Critiquing a Novel 0

Checklist for Critiquing a Novel

Have you ever wondered what goes into critiquing a fiction book, short story, or article? If so, check out the list of criteria editors and critique member may consider. And, if you read a book and find something missing, the reason you feel at a loss, may be that the author inadvertently missed a key component. (That’s way authors work with early readers or critiquers to discover and repair these issues.) Conflict • Does your story begin with some sort of conflict—either internal or external? • Does the beginning set up the bigger “conflict” of the entire novel, the issue...

Crazy Rhymes Results 0

Crazy Rhymes Results

In mid-February I challenged you to come up with zany rhymes reminiscent of  see you later alligator. Here’s the extended list. Enjoy, my boy!  It’s a pearl, my girl!   Chop, chop, lollipop See you soon, baboon Up a tree, tiny flea Take care, polar bear In the air, big brown bear In an hour, sunflower Chow chow, lazy cow Better shake, rattlesnake Bye, bye, butterfly Got to go, buffalo Let’s jam, awesome Sam In pocket, shiny locket Be so sweet, parakeet In a flash, succotash Out the door, dinosaur Off the bed, sleepy head  

Fun with Crazy Rhymes Challenge 0

Fun with Crazy Rhymes Challenge

See you later alligator…in a while crocodile You’ve seen this and heard this before. Now the challenge is on!! What zany rhymes can you create that follow the same pattern? Send them in. I’ll post the results in March. Until then, give a hug, Ladybug!

February Days to Celebrate 0

February Days to Celebrate

Looking for a reason to celebrate something? Here’s a list to start your thinking and planning. Have fun! Brighten someone’s life. Go a little crazy. Wite about your ideas! 1  Freedom Day 2  Ground Hog Day 3  15th amendment – Racial Equality Day 4  Rosa Parks Birthday 5  Western Monarch Day 6  Take Your Child to the Library/Girl Scout Cookie Day 7  Super Bowl 50 8  Chinese New Year 9  National Stop Bullying Day/National Pizza Day 10 Umbrella Day 11  Make-A-Friend Day/White Shirt Day 12  Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday 13  Get a Different Name Day 14  Valentine’s Day/Hippo Day 15  President’s...

One Amazing Tool! 0

One Amazing Tool!

Writing requires hours and hours of research. So does travel. The two converge when we look at mileage. The following site will take you from one village or town or city to another on any continent in miles or kilometers. Check it out.

Name that Character – Receive a Special Prize 0

Name that Character – Receive a Special Prize

How well do you know the characters in 84 Ribbons? Can you guess their names from these clues? 1. I’ve lived in Billings all my life. My father runs the local paper. I used to think of myself as a ladies man until I met Marta. Who am I? 2. I have also lived in Billings all my life. I work in the local oil refinery office. I have opened my home to boarders. Who am I? 3. My best friend is Marta. She’s a real over achiever when it comes to ballet. I work at it, but I also...