4 R's for Home and Family

By | December 18, 2016

It’s almost break time for families whose children and young adults will be spending extra days at home. That marks changes in our daily routines: more meals to prepare, more laundry, and more people with more projects strewn around. More importantly it marks more opportunities to spend quality family time together.

So, here are a few suggestions to make the time together easier. Institute or reinstate or remind everyone of the 6 R’s: responsibility, respect, rest/relaxation, and recreation/renewal.

During our hectic days of being a family it’s a good idea to reconsider how our family divides up responsibilities. When everyone shares in family chores it lightens the load allowing more time for everyone to enjoy rest/relaxation, and recreation/renewal. Wit tasks shared perhaps we can sneak in a family night of games, cookie baking or time together working on special holiday events or gift-making. We might take a family hike, share in decorating our home for the season, or take time to enjoy the community’s holiday decorations. Sharing responsibilities also shows respect for our home and family; we’ll have time to reconnect and enjoy what each person adds to our family.



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