10 Social Skills Kids Need to Develop

Beyond following directions, sharing, taking turns, and being a good sport, kids need to develop the ability to: Express their feelings while using self-control Think before speaking or acting Work to keep a positive attitude Deal as calmly as possible with anger, frustration and loss Understand their own and others personal space Appreciate the value… Read More »

Nature Scavenger Hunt

As the leaves fly and temperatures drop, it’s time for an almost-last chance to get out before winter settles us inside. Try this link to the list for your family adventure. A Nature Scavenger Hunt checklist Encourage each person to use their cell phone to photograph the items they find OR Grab a paper bag… Read More »

Back to School Routines and Procedures for Teachers

  Supplies…check    Classroom organized and ready for students….check   Classroom Routines and Procedures?  Here’s a reminder list to have worked out before the first day of school. Try to post important details in the classroom as reminders to students. Storage of backpacks, coat, lunches Entering the classroom Homework (and notes, etc. from home) collection box Attendance… Read More »