Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

The five paragraph essay is a great way for middle school and high school students to learn the structure of a meaning-filled essay. Here’s the outline a student should follow: Paragraph ONE: Introduction Main theme of the essay Point one stated Point two stated Point three stated Transition sentence to paragraph #2 Paragraph TWO: Point… Read More »

Family/School Time Bingo

As the year comes to a close and wintry activities become part of our lives, here is a bingo board you might try with your family or even a classroom. Enjoy!

Please and Thank You

It’s basic and easy once we re-remember to use the polite words, please and thank you: Please walk.  Please be gentle.  Please use a quiet voice. Please use your kind words. Please help me.  Please wait a minute so I can listen bettter to what you have to say. Thank you for walking.  Thank you… Read More »

10 Social Skills Kids Need to Develop

Beyond following directions, sharing, taking turns, and being a good sport, kids need to develop the ability to: Express their feelings while using self-control Think before speaking or acting Work to keep a positive attitude Deal as calmly as possible with anger, frustration and loss Understand their own and others personal space Appreciate the value… Read More »

Nature Scavenger Hunt

As the leaves fly and temperatures drop, it’s time for an almost-last chance to get out before winter settles us inside. Try this link to the list for your family adventure. A Nature Scavenger Hunt checklist Encourage each person to use their cell phone to photograph the items they find OR Grab a paper bag… Read More »