Lakewood Film, Arts & Books Festival

Please join me at FAB: the 6th Annual Lakewood Film Art and Book Fest held at Clover Park Technical College the weekend of September 28-30. Book sales, free resources, and signings are available from 12-6 PM each day of the event.

Back to School, Back to Math

Now’s a great time to play a few math-themed games to relight a spark in math skills. Check out my Pinterest pages ( and my Teachers Pay Teachers account ( well as my website for tons of math games at a variety of skill levels. NOTE: The site is closing Sept. 14th forever so… Read More »

Silly Rhymes for Your Day

Recently I ran across a list of silly rhymes worth sharing. They are the beginning of a never-ending list kids could add onto and create their own silly rhymes of ways to say good-bye. Enjoy a smile, crocodile! See you later…Alligator Adieu…Cockatoo After while…Crocodile Better swish…Jellyfish Got to dash… Succotash Chop, chop…Lollipop In an hour…Sunflower… Read More »

Engage your ‘Can Do’

Find joy every day. Your attitude and positive ways of engaging students will brighten the hours you spend with your class. Fill your classroom with positive energy. The site Big Life Journal provides growth mindset ideas and free resources, as well as purchasable materials. Subscribe for free! Display student work that shows each student’s best… Read More »