Elevator Going Up! Strategies to elevate Student Thinking

In addition to Think-Pair-Share partnering, here’s a list of ways to unpack student thinking: Take quick classroom surveys as a quick way to get ‘a feel’ for where the students are in their thinking about a topic. Ask students to share how they reached their individual conclusions. Accept a variety of methods and processes. Ask… Read More »

Brain Facts

Your brain is amazing! Check out these facts based on ideas from one of my favorite online sites www.biglifejournal.com  The brain is always changing. There are about 100,000,000,000 neurons in the brain (same as the number of stars in the Milky Way). The brain produces enough electricity to power a light bulb. The brain grows… Read More »

Lunch Box Notes

Looking for brief notes to add to your kids (and maybe the adults in your life’s) lunch boxes? Here are a few suggestions inspired by www.BigLifeJournal.com  to get you started.  Feel free to send me any ideas you create so I can share them with others. Thanks! I love you Take care, polar bear Your… Read More »

Newsletter online

Now that the Teacher’s Notebook site has closed, please find my newsletter on www.TeachersPayTeachers/store/Paddy-Eger You may subscribe for past, present and future availability for $1.99. That subscription entitles you to receive all issues and download all newsletter materials without any further cost. Here are my topics available online at  www.paddyeger.com/blog/educatingamerica Active Student Participation Ideas –… Read More »

Student Success: Math Games to the Rescue

Games are a great way to practice all kinds of skills. You can find professionally boxed games  at toy stores or just pull out a deck of cards and get creative. Here are the 3 other math game resources I find easiest to use with the most direct value. My website math games. I’ve created… Read More »