Vocabulary Development #1- Preview New Words

By | October 1, 2017

This month we’ll look at the importance of vocabulary. He’s so rambunctious he upset the basket.

Vocabulary words are like a  new pairs of shoes; we need to break them in. It’s the job of the adult to help kids  become comfortable with new or unusual pertinent, use-again words that occur in their reading. Try these previewing ideas:

  1. Post new essential I’ll-use-you-again-and-again words on a word wall or a list for different subjects that can grow as new (pertinent ) words arise in their reading. Keep a chapter selection to no more than 6 words. Go back to them every few days to review, discuss and use them appropriately. Play words games like Guess My Word with them once you have collected a dozen or more and have written definitions (More information coming in future blogs). Let your imagination wander.
  2. If you wish, save unique words, ones that may not reappear, on a separate list. (Sometimes it’s fun to save words that appeal to our tongue or our curiosity!)
  3. Take the time to build student vocabulary notebooks. They can be organized into topic sections/alphabetical for ease in relocating words after their initial use has passed.
  4. Have online and hard copies of age-appropriate dictionaries and several thesaurus available. If possible, invest in The Synonym Finder by Rodale Press. Having a variety of resources available may excite students to want to study words.


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