Quality vs Quantity

By | July 15, 2018

As teachers look to the new school year, most are searching for ways to make quality more important than quantity. It’s a shift to making every problem, essay, writing stronger rather than longer. Here are a few ideas to tuck away as you plan.

  • Plan activities that promote student skill development while interacting with others. Sharing ideas and understandings add building blocks to their understanding of any topic. It’s a chance to share, evaluate, and come to decisions based on discovery based on facts gathered and assessed.
  • Set attainable standards but encourage students to each beyond your expectations, to challenge their understanding, to question information.
  • Share your work standards. They may look something like this:
  1. Head your work properly – name, subject, date, stated topic as needed.
  2. Meet the timeline (date due).
  3. Work for neatness so others can easily read your work.
  4. Understand the specific goal for completing your assignment.
  5. Spend time editing and revising you work to make it as clear/succinct as possible to others
  6. Revisit and evaluate your scored work with the goal of better understanding how to strengthen your outcome on future assignments.

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