Welcome to Paddy Eger’s Educational Resources portion of the website!

This portion of my website is designed to support: Teachers, para educators, community assistants/volunteers, parents, and people interested in education, schools, and classrooms.

As a former teacher and volunteer in classrooms, I realize the value extra hands bring to our schools. Recently I’ve upgraded many of e-materials and books to Actively Ignite. Visit my shop to browse:

** Actively Ignite your Classroom with 101 Strategies for Adult Assistants (formerly entitled Educating America: 101 Strategies for Adult Assistants in K-8 Classrooms)

 ** Educating America Desktop Flipbook  

** Actively Ignite: Getting Started: A Teacher’s Planning Guide for Including Adult Asssistants (formerly entitled Educating America Getting Started: A Teacher’s Planning Guide)

** 98 Individual and Partner Skill Building Math Games (ages 7-12) with 4 skill levels: easy, moderate, more difficult and varied using basic math materials.

I also invite you to:

  • Discover my classroom units for writing, math terms, geography, and weather (grade 3+).
  • Read my previously published blogs and newsletters which still contain valuable ideas.
  • Download (free) resources.
  • Checkout available speaker topics.
  • Checkout my award-winning fiction books and other materials.

  If I can assist you, your classroom, your school, or homeschool group,please contact me through this website (Paddy@PaddyEger.com) or my email (PaddyEger@aol.com). Bulk orders of 10+ books and materials are available at a discount.

Teachers are experts at creating strong, independent, capable students. With our help, they can reach more students each day as we work together to build a world class education system!

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