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Any School Year

The school year is always in front of teachers. Regardless of the time of the year it’s never too early or too late to think about adding classroom assistants.

 If I can be of any assistance to you, please contact me. I enjoy brainstorming with individual teachers as well as schools. Invite me to speak to your group on ways adults may become effective volunteers. Click here… Also, watch for new materials on this website and on Amazon Ignite (link).

A Sampling of Events and Training I  Organize

Teacher Training

Para Educators Training

Parent Groups and Volunteer Program Presentations and Training

Classroom and Student group Workshops

Book Events and Signing

Fiction Books available

84 Ribbons  

         A YA novel about a young woman’s journey into the world of a professional ballet company. 

When the Music Stops: Dance On 

      A YA novel that follows one dancer’s recovery and continuing quest to dance and step into becoming an adult.

Letters to Follow:  A Dancer’s Adventure 

      A YA novel  that follows one dancer on her quest to fit in and remain a professional dancer.

Act 4 – The Continuing Story of Lynne and Marta

     The young women move forward in their lives, trying to keep ballet foremost in their lives while styaing connected across a physical and emotional distance.

Tasman- An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom 

      An historical fiction novel set in the 1850s that tracks the journey of a young Irish lad as he travels from England to the penal colony in Port  Arthur, Tasmania, and struggles to handle the extreme conditions.

Sonnets for Ambrosia  

     Poetry written by Herman Young, my grandfather; complied by Paddy Eger. 


                                                  Newest Writings

Stick and Stones (YA)

     Meg Appens is a junior class high school student who’s biggest desire is to fit in. She’s recently moved into Seattle and will be attending a large high school with few services to accommodate her deafness. She loves basketball and hopes to make the varsity team and secure a collegesports scholarship. Follow Meg as she attempts to settle in. Look over her shoulder as she handles numerous setbacks, including an unexpected emergency that will test her emotionally, physicaly and socially.

Adventures with Anna Mak  (ages 6-10 …5-series chapter books)

     Young Anna is a bouncy primary-age girl who shares her adventures and misadventures as she attempts to make sense of the world around her. Follow Anna as she starts her first years of school, goes on summer vacations and shares her neighborhood with you. Each story has an activity for the readers./