Math Games

Here are math games Paddy created. All are designed to take less than 15 minutes and to use basic materials such playing cards and dice. The games are divided into Easy, Moderate, Difficult, and Varied levels to accommodate a variety of abilities. Download these free games and purchase the book of 98 games through Etsy and Amaon Ignite.

The easy-to-use math games in this collection are intended to reinforce basic facts and build student confidence with math skills.

The games are a mixture of individual and partner games but also work well for review in small groups or for class review if the materials are available in the quantities needed. Many have simplified rules since their initial introduction.

Enjoy the games! Create your own variations! Games make practicing math fun!

Place Value Dice Challenge

Download these free games and purchase the math book of 98 games through my Etsy shop or on Amazon.


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