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I’m proud to announce that Tasman-An Innocent Convicts Struggle for Freedom recently received 2nd place in the Hollywood Book Fest general fiction category. It’s always rewarding to know when a book I’ve written is honored by contest judges.

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Book Briefs and Reminders:

  • I’m looking forward to hearing your comments about Tasman-An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom. It’s an historical adventure set in the 1850s. The story will carry you from England to Tasmania as we follow one young man’s journey to freedom and self-discovery.
  • I’m honored that Marta’s story, in 84 Ribbons (book one) received several YA book awards including a Moonbeam and a Feathered Quill.
  • I deeply appreciate the kind words from my readers across several generations, ages twelve to eighty and hope you will join me in reading When the Music Stops—Dance On (book two) where Marta’s story continues.
  • I’ve completed my ballet trilogy with Letters to Follow—A Dancer’s Adventure. This novel moves to Lynne Meadows, Marta’s dance friend. It will take you far from Billings, Montana as Lynne discovers her future and experiences unexpected adventures.
  • Looking for something different? Checkout Sonnets for Ambrosia, a book of poetry written over a hundred years ago by my preacher-grandfather to his soon-to-be wife. I complied it to honor his skill with words.
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