Update on My Newest Novel Idea- Sticks and Stones 1

Update on My Newest Novel Idea- Sticks and Stones

NaNoWriMo got me started and, after letting the story sit for a month, I think I’m ready to decide that the effort to make this into a book is sneaking into my fingers and brain. It needs a lot of research and technical help on a vriety of topics, but I’m all in on finishing it! My earlier novels have been started because of a deep relationship with the topics either from experiences, dreamt of experiences (dance themes) or visits to sites that impacted me (Tasman). This story has taken a different route. It’s grown on me as I have...

End-of-the-Year Quotes to Ponder 0

End-of-the-Year Quotes to Ponder

I love quoting quotes! Here are a few I found recently. Enjoy! What had once been love had eroded, the edges worn away until it was like a small,smooth stone she carried in her pocket and ran her fingers over once in a while.                              The Miracle Baby by Janice Kay Johnson She read somewhere that first love never truly disappears, that it’s always there, under the surface, lingering there, waiting like dry tinder that only needs the touch of a match, a spark, to ignite.                              Wicked Game by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush Experience is less likely to...

NaNo Update #2 0

NaNo Update #2

The month of November’s ‘writing with abandon’ is over. Our local events attracted interested attendees, some being the same people participating in multiple events. Comments I heard over the month: “Even thought I didn’t do NaNo I got in the spirit and wrote more than I usually do.” “I didn’t get going until the middle of the month, but then I felt inspired so I wrote over 50,000 words, That means I won NaNo’s challenge.” “I started but life got in the way so I stopped, but I plan to finish my story at a later time.” For me ….....

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Glad you joined in the fun, the intensive writing and the pain of stretching yourself to write with abandon? I’m with you. I’m finding the writing a challenge some days but it’s provided an interesting look at myself as a writer. I’ve finished my 50,000 words and am going on to try to finish as much of the story as possible by the last day of November. It will probably end up as a 65,000 word rough draft. As a sidelight, many writers I know are writing more this month than they’d planned. They have not undertaken NaNoWriMo, but they...

Ideas for Writing Comparisons and Contrasts 0

Ideas for Writing Comparisons and Contrasts

I like to use a Venn diagram to lay out my ideas before I write a compare-contrast piece. Place the opposing topic. one on either side, the outer spaces of the circles. Place the way they are alike in the area where the two circles intersect.   Here’s as example of how to setup the Venn diagram: Before or During Sunrise  VS  During or After Sunset   Other general topics to get you thinking. Add detail words to limit the topic [largest (animals)] – [smallest (animals)]   largest-smallest                most treasured-least appreciated              summer-winter   easy-difficult                   heroic-senseless                                        bright-dark...

NaNo (Writing Event)Update 0

NaNo (Writing Event)Update

The official National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) begins on Nov. 1st and lasts thorough the entire month. I’ve been busy planning, outlining, plotting and scheming and hope I’m ready to take the leap of faith and worn-out fingers to write 50,000 words, a rough draft for a new novel. Earlier in October, the Edmonds Library and EPIC hosted a kick-off event in the Plaza Room above the Edmonds Library. We had 4 speakers who inspired us and encouraged us to take the challenge and then had timne to chat with each other before setting out to get ourselves organized. (You...

Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo? 0

Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo?

5 Tips About Writing with Rhythm by Mark Nichol from Daily Writing Tips Think of all the things you do each day, including mundane tasks like getting dressed, cooking meals, and speaking to other people. They all involve patterns or random sequences of ebb and flow: rhythm. Writing is like that, too. Just as with any other activity, rhythm in writing can occur automatically, but it’s improved by conscious attention. Here are five tips for enhancing your writing by attending to rhythm: Alternate Sentence Length Vary the word count for your sentences – not mathematically, not analytically, but naturally, organically....

Quotes to Give you a Chuckle 0

Quotes to Give you a Chuckle

In order to keep a true perspective of one’s importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him.   Advice for the day: If you have a headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: Take two and Keep Away from Children.   Anyone who uses the phrase”easy as taking candy from a baby  

Writer-y and NaNo Books 0

Writer-y and NaNo Books

I hope you took advantage of the back-to-school sales just ending. I always look forward to finding new pens and notebooks to refresh my writing times and help get me back into the writing groove. Before NaNoWriMo begins (or as you settle back into fall writing), you might want to ‘shop’ the library and bookstores for books to inspire your writing. Here are a few: On Writing by Stephen King Pencil Dancing by Mari Meisser Elements of Style by Strunk and White Writing Tools: Strategeis for Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark The Artists’ Way by Julia Cameron Writing Down...

Activities to Stimulate Writing 2

Activities to Stimulate Writing

Writers have days filled with ideas and days of quiet with or without desperation. Some days it seems as if ideas flow so fast you can’t get them down on paper or onto your computer. Other days it’s like a desert in your mind where time and ideas are not within reach. For those dry days, here are a few suggestions that might awaken your creative mind or at least take your thinking to different places. Go for a walk, a run or a bike ride in a new location Take a new route home from work Visit a museum,...