Good Bye! 1

Good Bye!

Over the last few years I have written hundreds of blog entries in hope of supporting your interest in writing. I’ve decided to end my blogs but hope you will look back and read my past articles and find ideas relevant to your writing. Thanks for your support. Contact me through my website: or call me at 425-420-5161 if you have questions or if I can support you as you move forward with your writing. Keep those pens busy! The world needs your thoughts and stories.

4 Ways to Create Great Settings 0

4 Ways to Create Great Settings

Every story is unique, and, as the creator of that setting, you are in charge for making it come alive with setting details.  That includes the where, the time of day/week/year/century, the sensory images, the buildings or location, the season and much more to help the reader step into the emotions associated with writing. Not always as easy task, but an important one. Consider these points as you work on setting: Choose relevant impressions rather than making blanket statements. Weave them into the story early on without making an opening paragraph filled with generic setting details. Look through books you...

EPIC Writing Contest Invitation 0

EPIC Writing Contest Invitation

There is still time to enter the EPIC (Every Person Is Creative) Writing Contest. The contest is open until April 9th. Students age 12 through adults living in Washington state who write poetry or prose are invited to submit. No subject matter limitations beyond the fact that it must be suitable for family listening. Prizes awarded at contest celebration in May, 2020. Find up-to-date contest information and submission details at:  

The Value of Book Clubs 0

The Value of Book Clubs

Why Join a Book Club?? You may:             talk about books.                          read books you might never have read.                                     enjoy food snacks and beverages                                                   time to socialize                                                 receive emotional support and decrease stress.             have reading deadlines (great excuse to read instead of washing the dishes!)                         learn other readers’ perspectives.                                     become part of literary debates.                                                 share your favorite book as your choice to be read.

Compare and Contrast Words 0

Compare and Contrast Words

Using compare/contrast can amp up your writing. Here’s lists of words to use when you want to express: COMPARE                            CONTRAST                           BOTH in 1 work: alike                                         different                                  by the same token both                                         differ                                       conversely same                                        unalike                                     rather similar                                      not alike                                  but likeness                                    difference                                likewise           in common                              on the other hand                    similarly                                   however          in comparison  to                     although as well as                                 in contrast to in a like manner                       while also                                          despite comparatively                          nevertheless in the same way                      still another most important                        although                                                 compared with                                                                                                instead                                                 less than                                                 more than                                                 otherwise                                                 rather than                                                 unlike                                                 yet

5-Minute Writing Conferences with Students 0

5-Minute Writing Conferences with Students

Working with an entire class of writers means setting up writing conferences to allow them to share their writing in a meaningful way that you can assess. It also allows you to provide feedback. This may also be used with adult writers you work with on their works. But how can that be accomplished in a timely manner? Here’s one idea. Provide a writing rubric for the students to fill out prior to conferencing with you. Provide a reflection paper for the students to fill out prior to your conferencing. Pre-read their work and record your notes on a separate...

Update on My Newest Novel Idea- Sticks and Stones 1

Update on My Newest Novel Idea- Sticks and Stones

NaNoWriMo got me started and, after letting the story sit for a month, I think I’m ready to decide that the effort to make this into a book is sneaking into my fingers and brain. It needs a lot of research and technical help on a vriety of topics, but I’m all in on finishing it! My earlier novels have been started because of a deep relationship with the topics either from experiences, dreamt of experiences (dance themes) or visits to sites that impacted me (Tasman). This story has taken a different route. It’s grown on me as I have...

End-of-the-Year Quotes to Ponder 0

End-of-the-Year Quotes to Ponder

I love quoting quotes! Here are a few I found recently. Enjoy! What had once been love had eroded, the edges worn away until it was like a small,smooth stone she carried in her pocket and ran her fingers over once in a while.                              The Miracle Baby by Janice Kay Johnson She read somewhere that first love never truly disappears, that it’s always there, under the surface, lingering there, waiting like dry tinder that only needs the touch of a match, a spark, to ignite.                              Wicked Game by Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush Experience is less likely to...

NaNo Update #2 0

NaNo Update #2

The month of November’s ‘writing with abandon’ is over. Our local events attracted interested attendees, some being the same people participating in multiple events. Comments I heard over the month: “Even thought I didn’t do NaNo I got in the spirit and wrote more than I usually do.” “I didn’t get going until the middle of the month, but then I felt inspired so I wrote over 50,000 words, That means I won NaNo’s challenge.” “I started but life got in the way so I stopped, but I plan to finish my story at a later time.” For me ….....

NaNoWri-Reminder 0


Glad you joined in the fun, the intensive writing and the pain of stretching yourself to write with abandon? I’m with you. I’m finding the writing a challenge some days but it’s provided an interesting look at myself as a writer. I’ve finished my 50,000 words and am going on to try to finish as much of the story as possible by the last day of November. It will probably end up as a 65,000 word rough draft. As a sidelight, many writers I know are writing more this month than they’d planned. They have not undertaken NaNoWriMo, but they...