Your Favorite Genres List 0

Your Favorite Genres List

Here are the results of what people had to say about their favorite genres. Anyone surprised??

Reader’s Mad Lib 0

Reader’s Mad Lib

Years ago, before kids had personal electronics, they played Mad Libs while riding in cars or waiting at appointments. Here’s a Mad Lib for Readers. Take a whirl and hopefully get a laugh. Number a paper to 8. Write down an appropriate word beside each number. Skim down the page for the Mad Lib short story. Drop in each word at its corresponding number. Enjoy, I hope. Words: an adjective ______________                  5.  another adjective  ______________   a color ___________________                 6. a noun  ______________________   a noun __________________                  7.  a verb  ___________________   an adjective __________________          8.  an adjective  ____________________  ...

Mother’s Day Quotes 0

Mother’s Day Quotes

Mother’s Day is often celebrated with cards and flowers. Enjoy these brief quotes as you think of your mother, her mother and of mother’s to be. My mother taught me to live by the 3 p’s: to always be passionate, persistent, and prepared. Hailee Steinfeld A mother’s heart is a child’s schoolroom.  Henry Ward Beecher I got to grow up with a mother who taught me to believe in me.  Antonio Villaraigosa The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother, you are no longer the center of your universe. You relinquish that position to your children. ...

Event Reminders 1

Event Reminders

Happy May Day! You now have so many options of what to celebrate: May Day with maypoles and secret flowers to kind neighbors, Hawaii’s Lei Day, Law Day, International Workers Day, and even Mother Goose Day. I also celebrate my birthday. Whatever you celebrate, make your best effort to enjoy the month as we immerse ourselves with spring in full bloom. April 23rd I had the privilege of being interview by Laura Moe on her Young Adult Authors Cafe. She is an exciting teen author (Breakfast with Neruda) as well as a great interviewer. The hour of conversation flew by...

Writer’s Genre Query 0

Writer’s Genre Query

‘They say’ that writing requires equal time. What genres interest you? Do they relate to what you write? How does what you read influence your writing? Send me your answers. If you are considering dipping into other genres include them as well.

Powerful Vowels 1

Powerful Vowels

SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) has a wonderful writer’s retreat each year. One year Darcy Pattison presented a discussion on the power of words, especially the energy of vowels. As readers and writers her ideas will shed light on how authors heighten energy in their stories. Here are a few details that may inspire you to occasionally stop and re-read for a different purpose. **High energy vowels include long e (tree), short i (sit) and long a (say). Compare these two sentences. Decide which provides more energy into the writing. The autumn I was seventeen, the nightmare...

Writing Strategies for ADHD Students Work for Other Writers as Well 1

Writing Strategies for ADHD Students Work for Other Writers as Well

Students who have ADHD issues are often in need of extra support during writing assignments. As I look at the suggestions, I see that most writers will benefit from a review of the 6 strategies mentioned in an online article I read last fall. 1. Focus on Your Assignment Be clear and specific in your expectations. For a suggested topic of a joyous moment, make your prompt more specific: Think about the last time you felt joyful and describe (a) when it was, (b) the event that gave you the joy, (c) how that feeling of joy felt within...

And the Winner Is… 0

And the Winner Is…

The 1st random drawing of people who have written Tasman reviews and/or recently subscribed to my writing blog is complete. The winner is Gretchen H. who is an avid writer, reader, and freelance editor. Read her review and others when you look up: Paddy Eger in books (on Amazon). Thank you to all who have written reviews and those who now subscribe to this writing blog. Your name will remain entered for all future random drawings for each step you’ve taken to support my writing in this wide world of books and authors. A reminder for those yet to participate:...

Adjectives 1


Writing is a tricky business. Those in the know say adjectives should be used sparingly. The trick is to select the best ones, the adjective phrases that best move the story along. Here are a few from Kristin Hannah books that I feel make excellent use of a few, well-chosen ones to set the mood or introduce settings. Let me know if you agree. ** Pinprick streams of sunlight spilled down through the evergreen ceiling, danced in golden patches on the brown-needled forest floor.  Waiting for the Moon p.58 ** The drizzling February days melted into one another, forming a...

My Book Launch 2

My Book Launch

A book launch is always a great opportunity to meet with old and new reading friends who might enjoy Tasman-An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom. The kindness of Mary Kay, David, Michelle and the others at the Edmonds Bookshop to open their doors to authors is heartening. Coupled with the Third Thursday evening during the Edmonds Art Event, it was a chance to introduce myself and my books to a wide variety of people. Thanks one and all who stopped in to visit and stayed to play my game,Prisoner’s Fate! A few guests were safe and returned to their homes;...