Other Writing Undertakings

With so many genre possibilities for writing it’s hard to narrow my interests, so, I haven’t yet. While my primary fiction interests are young adult stories, I dabble in other genres as well.

Self Discovery Journal

I’ve read through several books on self-discovery and have assembled my version in Becoming Something More, a look at strengthening social-emotional skills. I located quotes to help focus thinking about each trait and hope you will find the journal useful. It’s never too late to improve ourselves. Coming soon to Amazon.


Family remembrances play an important part in family history. Changes over the decades are important to remember. My recollections of growing up in Bremerton form the basis for Small Town Girl, a series of short stories about everything from clothespin tents to 33 1/3 records and summer vacations. This look back to the 1940s and early 1950s is revised and available on Amazon.

Children’s Books

During the school year, I work with a class of third graders as their secret pal. After years of working in their classroom where I read to the class and assist with their creative writing, I’m enjoying writing to each student across the last half of their school year. The wealth of ideas they share encourages me to continue my own writing.

My episodes about Anna Mak, a primary age girl who sees the world through her own lens is still in process. I hope to complete and publish it soon before I go on to write a story about a group of kids who tend to newly arriving zoo animals, plus a bedtime story poem. I hope to publish Anna’s stories with student activities very soon.


Who knows where my interests will travel after I complete these ‘other works’. New writing ideas bloom every day. I’ll keep you posted.