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**  Step into the world of professional ballet dancers when you pick up my trilogy: 84 Ribbons-A Dancer’s Journey, When the Music Stops-Dance On, and Letters to Follow-a Dancer’s Adventure.\

** The ballet trilogy is growing by one additional book: Act 4-The Continuing Story of Lynne and Marta. We follow both young dancers as their live and their careers change.

** I briefly stepped away from writing novels to write Small Town Girl: A Memoir about my growing up years in Bremerton, WA in the late 1940s. It’s available from me through this website.

** Looking for something different? Checkout Sonnets for Ambrosia, a book of poetry written over a hundred years ago by my preacher-grandfather to his soon-to-be wife. I complied it to honor his skill with words.

** Slip over to visit my non-fiction portion of this website to check out, Educating America, my education books and materials.

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