Books and Events

Book Clubs and Book Groups. You are invited to schedule an in-person or Skype meet-up with me. We can talk about the books and participate in book related activities. I’ll answer your questions as well as provide surprises related to the books we discuss.

Tasman – An Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom

This award-winning historical fiction adventure story is available for purchase through this website link

The complete ballet series!

  • 84 Ribbons: A Dancer’s Journey
  • When the Music Stops: Dance On    
  • Letters to Follow: A Dancer’s Adventure
  • Act 4: The Continuing Friendship of Lynne & Marta

The series is available as a set or individually here.

Small Town Girl: A Memoir

Curious about growing up in the late 40s and early 50s? Take a peek at one child’s growing up years…mine. You may purchase the book through this website link.



Sample Book Events Available:

Classroom Presentations

Book Clubs
Retirement Centers
Art and Book Fests
Public Library Book Talks
Middle and High School Writing Presentations
Young Adult Author Interviews Online
Writers’ Group Presentations
One-on-One Book Consults

During events, we talk about the characters, I read a bit and answer guest questions. For educational presentations, we discuss details about writing and spend time using our skills. I love talking about books so I bring along surprises for attendees. Schedule your time with me by calling 425-420-5161.

Remember throughout your life to dance like there is no tomorrow!

Non Fiction Group Book Events

I will gladly meet with interested educators, parent groups, volunteers, homeschoolers, and childcare organizations to share ideas from my materials that will assist them in providing support materials for students and families.

The following non fiction books are available from this website,

  • Actively Ignite your Classroom with 101 Strategies for Adult Assistants
  • Educating America Desktop Flipbook
  • Actively Ignite Getting Started: A Teacher’s Planning Guide for Including Adult Assistants
  • 98 Independent and Partner Skill-Building Math  Games   

Also find: classroom projects about weather, geography, writing workshops and math terms and small math games packets

Checkout our Online Shops using the links below to purchase these educational materials.

In the mood for poetry?

Sonnets for Ambrosia, the 100-year old love poems written by my grandfather and compiled by me is available through this website. I will gladly meet with groups to share the included poems and discuss the poet. OR, we can embark on a poetry lesson of your choice.