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Author-Behind the Scenes

What happens before a book reaches printing? Lots! Here’s a quick peek at all my novels before they were finished.

Ballet-Themed Book Events

Writing the three books about ballet allowed me to live a vicarious existence as a professional dancer. After it was pubished I experienced the enjoyable task of sharing Marta’s and Lynne’s stories at book events.

Writing Classes and Workshops

Working with kids and adults on writing is always fun and inspiring. In addition to volunteering to help with writing in classrooms, I write with seniors and visit classrooms to talk about my books and life as a writer.

Friends and Authors

My book club has continued to be a support system for my writing. Thanks, ladies!

I also have a cadre of writing friends and publishing support to spur me on! Thanks to all of you for helping me become a better writer.

Ballet Extrasoil painting sm

This painting will always remain a visual reminder of writing about ballet. Thanks to Mark A., I’ll have my imagined-image of Marta forever.