Act 4: The Continuing Friendship of Lynne & Marta


When does a trilogy become a series? When storyline needs one more book to satisfy readers that the lives of the main characters reach a place where the author can leave them in peace. Follow the final book that tracks Marta and Lynne’s step into adulthood. Buy Act 4 – The Continuing Friendship of Lynne and Marta for yourself and a friend.



The two young women embrace their changing lives.

Lynne and Marta’s friendship began when they joined the Intermountain Ballet Company as corps de ballet dancers. Across three stories they celebrated each other’s successes and supported each other when heartache reaches into their careers and beyond.
Their lives continue to intersect as they share happy moments and tragedy, love and loss, joy and confusion. Will their relationship survive all that adult life throws their direction with hundreds of miles between them?
Act 4 is the final book in The Ballet Series

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