Tasman—an Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom

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Tasman—an Innocent Convict’s Struggle for Freedom captures the reader’s interest with far more than a tale of adventure. It chronicles Ean McClaud’s desperate bid for survival and exoneration against overwhelming odds. The young Irish lad, falsely accused of stealing a handkerchief in 1850 England, finds himself enslaved on a prison vessel sailing to the brutal penal colony in Port Arthur, Tasmania, to face a three-year sentence at hard labor.

Though based on historical facts, Eger uses her imagination to take us inside Ean’s mind as he struggles to survive. Follow his journey from England to Port Arthur. Discover the future his actions carve out for him in this infamous land of no return.

Publication Date: March 14, 2018
304 Pages


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ISBN: 9780984154340
304 Pages

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