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The Fading Art of Letter Writing 2

The Fading Art of Letter Writing

How many letters do you receive a year? One? Five? Ten?  Do you remember that people used to sit down and write letters to each other? My favorite were love letters and Christmas letters. Both warmed my heart and made me feel special;. Just the finding of them in my mailbox gave me a happy feeling, much more than an email or a text message. Ah, could be my old school thinking rearing its head again, but a handwritten letter was special. The person sat down, selected the paper they wanted you to read from and wrote, usually in longhand....

Projects 2


I’ve come to realize that I ¬†always need at least one writing project and one personal project in my life. The writing keeps my mind active. The personal project helps me stay awake during evenings when I’m tired but I don’t want to create a vicious cycle of going to bed early and getting up at 1 AM, etc. If you’ve done that, you know how insidious it can be! This past year my writing projects have been book 2 in Marta’s stories, When the Music Stops, and completing my Education America workbook. Now I’m moving on to book 3,...