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Summer Fun on TV is Coming! 1

Summer Fun on TV is Coming!

If you love exuberant dancers, be certain to check out Fox’s SYTYCD, aka So YOU Think You Can Dance summer series. Thousands of young dancers around the US tryout to become one of the 20 finalists who strive to be named most popular dancers of the season. The choreography is all freshly created. Dancers have less than one week to learn and perform their randomly selected partnered dance genre as well as their personal solos and at least one group number (which usually opens the show). You will see modern, hip-hop, Bollywood, ballroom, Broadway and many other styles. I love...

Quotes to Ponder 1

Quotes to Ponder

When I read, I am often stopped by a line or a paragraph in a book that triggers a sensation in my brain. Maybe some of these will provide something for you to ponder. Rex felt as if they were moving through space, that they were giant spacemen, threading in and out among trillions of tiny, luminous stars. (they are in snow)    The Virgin of Small Plains by Nancy Pickard, p.19   A rainbow of colored umbrellas punctuated by black bumbers favored by the suited class.   Assault & Pepper by Leslie Budewitz, p. 214   Words or fists, it didn’t...

2 Ballet Dancers: Misty Copeland and Marta 1

2 Ballet Dancers: Misty Copeland and Marta

Misty Copeland, a soloist with New York’s American Ballet Theatre was interviewed last Sunday, May 10th, on 60 Minutes. [See: 60 Minutes Season 47 – Episode 33]  As I watched, I wondered how Marta, my 84 Ribbons and When the Music Stops leading character compared to a real ballet dancer. Let’s find out. Both young women stand at five feet. Both were raised mostly by their mother. Both began their training in simple settings rather than ballet academies and worked far beyond their regular class hours to perfect their dancing. Both felt music rather than danced to music. Both sustained...