When the Music Stops is Now Available

I’m excited to let you know When the Music Stops-Dance On, book two in the ballet trilogy, is now available online and directly through me or my publisher, Tendril Press.

As soon as the book distributors (who service your favorite bookshops) agree to add the book to their catalogs and lists, When the Music Stops-Dance On will be available everywhere. Currently it is available from Amazon. Feel free to ask your favorite bookseller to order you a copy. If you order more than 8 copies of the book, contact me directly for a bulk discount. I’ll add a surprise and gladly author-graph any of my books for you. FYI- 84 Ribbons is available online, in your favorite bookstore and from me. (It’s always fun to meet and greet you even if it is only through signing a book for you!)

About Goodreads and my Giveaway:

If you are a member of Goodreads, you can enter my giveaway for a chance to win 1 of 5 free copies of When the Music Stops-Dance On. Free is fun, right?Check the deadline (July20) of my giveaway so you don’t miss out.

In case you have not joined Goodreads, it’s a great place to read brief book synopses, learn what’s new each month, register for book giveaways and write book reviews. For me, it’s also a great place to connect with readers and store lists of books I’ve read and want to read. I enter contests and giveaways and join groups where the topics interest me. I invite you to join my book group: Ballet Books and Authors. It’s a place for discussions, for people who enjoy ballet and/or write about ballet or are curious about what the group members say. You’re membership is sincerely invited.

My book events are scheduled for October, but if you’d like to talk with me or invite me to speak to you and your friends, please do not hesitate to contact me. I love talking about ballet, Marta, Lynne and now the new characters in book two. Wait until you meet Zandora Marcus!


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