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Name that Character – Receive a Special Prize 0

Name that Character – Receive a Special Prize

How well do you know the characters in 84 Ribbons? Can you guess their names from these clues? 1. I’ve lived in Billings all my life. My father runs the local paper. I used to think of myself as a ladies man until I met Marta. Who am I? 2. I have also lived in Billings all my life. I work in the local oil refinery office. I have opened my home to boarders. Who am I? 3. My best friend is Marta. She’s a real over achiever when it comes to ballet. I work at it, but I also...

Facts You May Not Know about Marta 1

Facts You May Not Know about Marta

Writing requires authors to create character profiles which include the basics (height, age, hair color, etc.) but also includes more personal details that reveal character idiosyncrasies. Here are a few facts you may not know about Marta Selbryth, main character in 84 Ribbons and When the Music Stops -Dance On, books 1 and 2 of my ballet trilogy. Marta’s middle name is Annette. Marta is mildly dyslexic. As an adult she’s self-conscious about her limited education. Marta’s favorite colors are blue and red. She likes to wear¬† soft, flowing fabrics. Even though Marta’s father died when she was seven, he...

Julie 2


I have a wonderful friend I’ve never met face-to-face. Her name is Julie; she’s my web and product designer. I met her through Tendril Press where my books and materials are designed. Most Mondays at 6 AM I have a conversation with her. Some are five minutes; some are longer, especially when we get talking about her other business: creating handbags for Allison Clothing Company, a shop in West Reading, PA (also online) or when we start comparing who’s got the worst weather. (Her winters win every time!) I feel indebted to Julie for her patience.¬† As she finishes one...