Writing as an Everyday Activity

I write every day. Mostly it’s on pages for my upcoming book. Sometimes it’s for one of my 3 blogs (Educating America, Goodreads and this one about Writing). I also find myself spending time writing classroom newsletters, math games and book publicity. I enjoy the variety of writing activities and sometimes I find myself switching from one type of writing to another when my brain needs a chance to rethink or sift through an idea before I make a final decision.

I’ve tried to step away from writing some days, but I get edgy and need to work with words and concepts so I find myself playing word games,  inventing new ideas and reading about writing I think I’m addicted! While some of you kick back to read, garden, jog, bake, sew or engage in your favorite pastimes, you’ll find me writing or playing with words and enjoying every minute!

What’s your favorite pastime? Are you as addicted to yours as I’m addicted to mine?

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