Monthly Archive: December 2015

Word Challenge 0

Word Challenge

Word play is one of my favorite pasttimes. Here’s a word challenge to keep you busy thinking. Begin with the word startling “S -T-A- R -T- L- I- N- G”. Drop 1 letter at a time. End with the word “I” Send me your results IF you can do it.

One Amazing Tool! 0

One Amazing Tool!

Writing requires hours and hours of research. So does travel. The two converge when we look at mileage. The following site will take you from one village or town or city to another on any continent in miles or kilometers. Check it out.

December? Already? 0

December? Already?

Where did the year disappear to so quickly? Last week was summer wasn’t it? Or maybe September? But December…so soon? My writing goals took a hit earlier this year when we had problems with the covers on When the Music Stops- Dance On. That slowed my event planning which in turn pushed back my writing time on the last book in the trilogy, Letters to Follow. Talk about the domino effect!! Now, as 2015 ends, I’m hoping I’ve found the ending to book three. I have a clear resolution to most all the issues left unfinished in the first two...