Computers and Internet

It’s a love-hate relationship! I love all the (basic) ways I can use them, but when they run into problems (or when I run into problems) I turn to an expert. My web person, Julie, is a true gift. She’s set up and manages my website, helps me add new skills, and lately she’s been the person to rescue me when my website was hacked and rehacked this past month.

I have a total awe at what she can do. She knows what an old-lady I am about the bells and whistles online, so she graciously assists me.

THIS time, she’s needed to make major edits to my working systems and is continuing to upgrade constantly. What confounds me is why anyone would want to mess with my blogs and website. I’m just a person who write clean fiction and shares ideas on education. I’m like my ballet trilogy character Noel; I have no parking tickets, or any others for that matter. I don’t share wild, political ideologies. I’m not a nutsy entertainer who goes off the deep end to attract attention. I just don’t get it.

Thank heavens I have Julie to rescue me from major hacks. I hope your sites are secure. If you need help, just ask. I’ll direct you to Julie, my wonderful web magician.

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