Upcoming Dance Celebrations and An Invitation to Dance

March 23-24  Arts Advocacy Day brings together 85 or more national arts organizations in Washington D.D. to meet with Congress to advocate for arts educations policies, charitable tax deductions and funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. Let’s hope they are successful. (Recently it was reported that the arts are facing deep financial cuts by the Congress.)

March 31  – Dance Everywhere Day begins at noon Pacific Standard Time. It encourages everyone to join in a world-wide simultaneous pubic dancing performance. Grab your friends. Put on your dancing shoes and dance, dance, dance!!!

Who??  dancers (of course), teachers, plumbers, doctors, seniors, kids of all ages, artists, sports athletes, politicians, shop owners… everyone. No formal dance training needed

Where??? in parks, museums, street corners, school, theatres, work places, wherever you have a few inches of space and permission to take a dance break.

When??? Noon, Pacific Time

What should I dance??? anything respectable to any music real or imagined

JOIN IN!  I’ll be dancing around my house or outside, probably to imagined music.

Don’t be shy!

Take photos or videos. Send copies to me. We’ll make a page of it.


Please share this post with frends who might dance just because!





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