Vote for Your Top 5 Most Antagonizing Characters

Throughout the trilogy, I invited many characters to step into my books. Here is a list of story characters in no particular order. Select the top 5 you feel were the most antagonizing.

Madame Cosper                   Steve Mason                           Noel Elijah                      Mrs. B.                                         ?  

Lynne Meadows                   Marta Selbryth                      Damien Black                 Uncle Leo

Carol                                      Dennis (carpenter)                Lily Rose                         Ida                                                 ?

Suzette                                  Bartley Timmons                   Elle Selbryth                  Wallace

Cheryl Menkins                   Karl                                          Lynne’s parents             Lucia                                            ?

Kitsy                                      Arty                                        Madame Zelb                  Jae

Zandora                                Bert                                        Aunt Vivian                      Hal                                                ?


  • Send your list to me as a comment on the blog or to my email:
  • If you have ONE that stands out as the worst, explain that one in your comments.
  • I’ll post the results in a future blog.
  • As a thank you, I’ll send you an unpublished excerpt from Letters to Follow.

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