Monthly Archive: December 2017

Best Holiday Book Ever 0

Best Holiday Book Ever

During the holiday season, which books draw you in for a second, third, or maybe a yearly read? I want to share one that remains on my heart since high school. My author friend, Lauraine Selling, wrote The Lonely Donkey, a lovely children’s story when we were in high school. It follows the journey of the donkey that carries Mary toward Bethlehem. Lauraine made colored pencil drawings and created a wood-burned cover with leather hinges. As it turned out she only made two copies, both of which she gave away.  Several years ago when I was getting out my holidays...

Seasonal Haiku 0

Seasonal Haiku

Winter is just around the corner. Here are a few poems to move you into thinking about the changing world. Enjoy   Winter Solitude-                                             Reflecting mirror in a world of one color                                    frozen pond in bare garden the sound of the wind                                     – I am day older…       Dark, frozen cornstalks                                   My bed is so warm beneath a leaden sky, feel                               My alarm clock is so cold. the rabbit’s warm blood                                  I think I’ll sleep in.   On a frozen twig, The little bird dreams of spring. Oh! To see the sun.   Now, try...

Order Books for Holiday and New Year Giving 0

Order Books for Holiday and New Year Giving

Time to start thinking about the readers on your holiday giving list. Here’s a sale for you and your friends! Order copies of TASMAN, my newest historical fiction, my ballet-themed trilogy, and/or Educating America materials between today, Dec.5th  and December 16th. You’ll receive a 20% book discount and free priority shipping (within the U.S.A.) valued at $10 per novel or up to $6 per educational book. Click the links above to order! When you order the entire trilogy, you’ll receive special wrapping materials and a set of ballet-themed note cards at no additional change. That’s an additional $4 discount per...