Monthly Archive: September 2018

Conversation with a Peach 1

Conversation with a Peach

This time of year fruit is abundant. Fresh fruit brightens the grocery stores, nearby fields, and our backyards.Their scents fill the air with a faint lusciousness. My husband recently harvested peaches. One of the joys of eating those peaches is stopping to admire how lovely they are: the color, their shape, the way the attached leaves bend to show-off the beauty of the fruit. Next comes the smell: sweet, warm like sunshine, almost fuzzy like the first touch. I do talk to them. How can I not when I know the first bit through the skin will make me sigh...

The ABC’s of Student Writing Topics 0

The ABC’s of Student Writing Topics

Somewetimes students need a bit of inspiration to find a writing topic that interests them. Creating a potential list of topics for students is as simple as ABC: Feel free to add to or alter the list to match your needs. It’s always fun to play with words and topics to keep writing time fresh.

Interview with Edmonds Bookshop Owner, Mary Kay 1

Interview with Edmonds Bookshop Owner, Mary Kay

Dear blog followers: I’m reissuing this blog after my writing friends noticed that my brain and my editing of the blog was really off kilter. My apologies to Mary Kay for misspelling her last name. She has my complete appreciation for all that she does and I apologize again for my errors. For book lovers everywhere who cringed at my book title typos I can say there are some days I should stay in bed and not touch a computer!! Celebrating Books with Mary Kay-Edmonds Bookshop Following a successful Where’s Waldo event in downtown Edmonds, it seemed like a great...

Refugee Book List 1

Refugee Book List

When I was leaving my recent interview with Mary Kay at the Edmonds Bookshop I stopped to survey the front window. Michelle Bear, assistant manager of the bookshop, had arranged a display of books on refugees from around the world. I hurried back inside and asked her if that list would appear on the Edmonds Bookshop website Michelle assured me it could. Two days later she sent me the entire list which I have permission to reprint for your perusal. Thanks, Michelle! the display invited me to read outside my usual genres and was a timely topic. I hope...