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Just for Fun 0

Just for Fun

The longest word in the English language has 45 letters and is an artificial word. PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS It’s a lung disease caused by inhaling ash and sand dust.   I always thought the longest word was: ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM or maybe SMILES because it has a mile between the first and last letters.   Have a wonderful word-filled week!  

Book Event at Neverending Bookstore 1

Book Event at Neverending Bookstore

Join me on Saturday, November 17th at the newest bookshop in the Edmonds-Lynnwood area, The Neverending Bookshop. Join me from 2-3 as I talk about my ballet trilogy and answer your questions. You can also: Meet and Welcome Annie Carl, the owner (a delightful young woman who’s loved books and bookstores since she was a child). Browse her new space. It’s twice the size of her former shop in Bothell. Checkout her ever-increasing supply of new and used books. Sit and relax as you ponder your purchases. Peek inside her Children’s den. Follow her on social media. Contact her online...

The Great American Read – Do You Agree with the Results??? 0

The Great American Read – Do You Agree with the Results???

For those of you who voted day after day and watch the series programs, are you excited about the final results? Personally I am. Here are a few facts shared during the final program that caught my interest: 4 million people cast votes across the search 50,000 joined the Great American Book Club 350,000 of the top 100 books will be distributed through the nation’s PBS stations to students several books took control of their final ranking within the last few days of the event several books were within 24-103 votes of nearby competitors throughout the event 9 high school...